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It all Started When I was 12

It was 4 am. My radio beside my twin bed turned on and it turned on loudly. I awoke confused, wondering if I left it on? No. There was no way. It was loud and it was on talk radio. I remember two men talking, elderly men. I pressed the off button and tried to go back to sleep. It turned on again. I turned it off and got really scared. I was raised catholic so I was aware of the paranormal.

I ran to my parents room and woke them up and to tell them my radio was turning on by itself. I thought to myself WOW I’m crazy. My mom awoke and told me to just unplug it. I thought oh duhh why of course! So I went back into my room and unplugged it and to be sure I removed the 4 batteries under it. I laid back down… then I heard the two men talking again! …

August 27th, 2011 by Caretaker