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Ghost in Photo on Australia Grave Stone?

I was taking a photo of my grandfathers grave (W.M. Towell) recently in Brisbane Queensland, Australia. A friend was looking at the photo and inquired how old the grave to the left of my grandparents grave was.

When I zoomed the photo in I immediately saw a woman’s face looking back from the centre of the gravestone. After looking for a while longer not really believing what I was seeing I noticed to the top left of the headstone is what appears to three Australian Soldiers wearing their army Slouch Hats. On the right hand side of the headstone is what appears to be a young women with maybe flowers in her hair.

I hope to hear back on what your opinion is on what I have captured in this picture.

Sent in by Dianne Simpson, Copyright 2010

June 9th, 2010 by Caretaker