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Haunted in Puerto Rico

Ok. Well my mother’s family and I are from Puerto Rico. We’re the only ones who left the island. Well my mother as well as all the women in the family have strange things happen to us.

When my aunt was born my grandmother saw a lady walk to my aunts crib everyday and just stand there and stare at her. My grandma had no idea what to do. So she went to her priest and asked what to do. He said that when she comes just continue to pray the rosary multiple times. So she did just that. She said that everyday the time got shorter and shorter and the visits came less and less.

As my aunt got older strange occurrences happened. She would wake up and lock the door jump on my mothers bed and choke her. Now that she is full grown she see spirits every night. They sit on the side of the bed or …

June 3rd, 2010 by Caretaker