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Death Psychic and Uncanny Historical Awareness

I already know what most of your are thinking, nuts right? Crazy if one can predict things, let alone terrible events and death. First and foremost, I’ve thought my own self to be crazy but there’s just too many coincidences.

*Note – There are differences in the years, but there are more. I am just listing the big ones that have happened-not every single one otherwise well anyway…You decide! Read on!

15 years old – I went to my guitar lesson as usual  but I took one look at my teacher and “knew” something was really wrong. A minute later I said, “did someone in your family die? Was it a brother or sister?” He looked at me like “what in the heck” and asked, “how did you know that?” Honestly guys I don’t know – it just “came to” me.

19 years old – Working at Easter Seals with disabled persons. One co-worker left with his dad and grandfather. …

December 29th, 2010 by CareTaker 

Psychic Abilities

Well let me start this off by telling you that I have no one to turn to right now, and I’ve been a dedicated visitor and member of this site for years, and the community here is very helpful and kind. So I have decided to come here for help. You see, I believe I have psychic abilities. I see spirits, and I can communicate with them, I can read people’s thoughts, feel people’s energies and emotions, I can travel mentally to people’s houses, as well as I can communicate with animals, but mostly dogs.

Most people, if I choose to tell them, they either stare at me, horrified, or they just laugh at me and tell me I am just wanting attention or that I’m lying or that I’m a fake, which I’m not. I have had these abilities, for about four-five years, but they’ve only gotten stronger, and harder for me to ignore. I have only one friend …

November 23rd, 2010 by CareTaker 

Am I Crazy to Predict the Future?

Why do people think I am Crazy when I can predict the future?

At the age of seven I was placed in a foster home in Cannon Falls Minnesota. My foster parents were missionaries. While being held on that Cannon Falls farm I was instructed to go to the mailbox by my foster mother during a bad electrical storm. I felt an electrical charge while on my way to the mailbox retrieving mail. I was shaken, feeling a strong electrical current going through my body. But when I returned to my parents home two years later. I found I had psychic abilities.

The children in my Cannon Falls neighborhood thought I was a gypsy and I had the ability to predict future events. My girlfriend Tammy Chapman had a crystal ball and a Ouija board. We used it to communicate with spirits. I would look into the crystal ball and act like a gypsy. One afternoon after playing with the …

December 4th, 2009 by CareTaker