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Virginia Prison Spirit

I was in prison for a two year sentence and by then had been getting back into reading the bible and rethinking my life. I’m not some easily convinced person when it comes to the paranormal, and would say that even spiritual experiences should be tested and thought through using a little common logic, reason, psychology and an understanding of human behaviors and surrounding conditions.

I was on the second tier at the Powhatan correctional prison in Virginia. We were all locked down for the night. They have these huge fans that you can hear running like generators just outside the cells somewhere. I was on the bottom bunk of a two man cell. I was laying down fetal position facing the wall. My cell mate was sleeping above me.

As I lay there, I started to drift asleep when suddenly I felt somebody in the cell. It felt like somebody was standing there behind where I lay staring at …

May 16th, 2010 by Caretaker