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Spirit of Little Girl Following Me for Years

My story starts in 1986, when a boyfriend of mine was attacked one night in my bedroom. I was downstairs while he was asleep in my room. I went upstairs to go to bed and he was sitting up on the bed with such a look of fright, mind you this was a 40 something year old man. He looked at me and asked me if I was evil, shocked I said what the hell are you talking about? He then went on to describe a little blonde girl about 7 to 10 in a long white gown a pixie hair cut and looked sort of like me. He said she jumped on him while he lay asleep. Pushing on his chest, he was fighting with her and managed to get her off him and as he lay there trippin’ he looked to his side and she was laying there staring at him. Thus began my journey with this little …

June 11th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Various Ghost Stories

Ok so lets begin at the beginning. My mother grew up in Phoenix, Arizona with four sisters and two brothers in a very strange house. These are small stories that she has told be throughout childhood.

Her house was built into a circle. starting with the living room then the hall to the family room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. which lead to the master bedroom which lead to the kitchen and back into the living room. My mother said that there where three kids that road around the house on little tricycles. they would end in the kitchen with one falling off and then all of them disappearing. this would continue almost every night.

She also stated that there was a man in the house too that would stand in her and her sisters’ doorway. The youngest daughter did not believe any of the kids until one night She saw the man at the door. She pulled her covers …

April 16th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Babysitting and The Opening Garage Door

My sister-in-laws father is dying of cancer. He came to visit in October but his visit wasn’t pleasant because he spent half of it in the hospital. He was in great pain plus my sister in law has two little girls ages two and four. Basically she didn’t get much alone time with her father and when she did, he was in pain because he drove from Oregon to Phoenix, Arizona. Anyway I felt bad for her because he really does look as though the end is near.

After he left I offered to take some of my vacation time after the new year to stay at her house and help with the kids with her husband (my husbands brother who I get along with great) while she flew up to Oregon and spent a week with her father without children to take care of and so could see her in the comfort of his own home. I offered to …

February 1st, 2010 by Caretaker