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Strange Experiences with Pentagram and Candles

Me and my friend Kat are always trying to be involved with paranormal activities, but both our moms wont allow a Ouija board in their house.

In 2009 we saw a show about Wicca and decided we wanted to try it, we drew in chalk a pentagram and put candles around it. As she lit them it started to rain. It washed the pentagram off and the candles had went out. We ran inside to dodge the rain. She has a slide door so she slid it shut softly to try not to wake her mom who was in the other room. Then the angels on her shelf flew off and across the room (she has figurines of angles from her grandma). They all broke and her mom came in yelling at us. We tried to explain that we shut the door softly and even if we had shut it hard then how would the angels get all the way …

July 28th, 2010 by CareTaker