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Omemee Ontario Haunting

Lately a couple things have been going on. Just little random things really…

1) I sit in my living room alone a lot and watch TV until very late. Whenever the curtains seem to be open I hear knocking and I ignore it but it continues. I checked once in the morning to see if it could be anything outside but there are no trees nor bushes near the window. Also, we live in an old farm house in the middle of no where so no one could be out there constantly doing this. As a test I shut the curtains one night and heard nothing. Opened the next time and the knocking continued. When I look out the window nothing is there.

2) My bedroom seems to have an eerie feeling something. You will feel someone get into bed with you (I live with my boyfriend at my parents home and we both can feel it) we’ve been ignoring …

February 28th, 2010 by Caretaker