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Basement Apartment in Old House in Fargo

My husband and I live in a old house in Fargo, North Dakota. One night, about 1 am, we had come home late from work and was sitting outside enjoying the night air.

As we went in, I used the front door and Bill threw some trash away, and came in the side door. Before I heard him enter the apartment (it is in the basement of the old house), I heard a woman’s voice. It was very clear, she said “William.”

My husband came in the side door at that very moment and heard it also. He asked me what I was yelling for. I told him it was not me, and i heard it too. He stated that it sounded like it was at my end of the house, and I told him it sounded like it was at the other end of the house.

We have never heard the lady’s voice again, but you do occasionally get …

September 19th, 2011 by Caretaker 
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