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Our House Built on Old Orchard

Back in the late 1960′s (maybe early 70′s) my husband’s family got a good deal on a piece of property in Mountain View, California. The owner (as I understand it, an old Italian man whose wife had suddenly died) sold the large piece of property to my father-in-law for a ‘steal’. In the late 80′s my father-in-law decided he wanted to build three houses for his three kids and their families.

We built our homes and moved in in 1991. Immediately strange things started happening. Things would disappear and then suddenly reappear in strange places. It became so commonplace that I would say out loud, “ok, that’s funny. Now give (it) back to me”… and sure enough the item would almost immediately reappear in a spot that we had already checked on. You say to yourself that of course, even though you knew you had checked there, you MUST have missed the item. You make excuses and you question yourself.…

March 25th, 2011 by Caretaker 
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