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The Mothman?

While it happened long before I was born(1997 for all of you who are interested), I find myself thinking of the real incidents with the Mothman, not just the movie, more and more. I first learned about the Mothman about a year or so ago when I watch the movie The Mothman Prophecies with my older brother. After I saw that movie I wanted to learn everything I could about the Mothman. Most stories that I read are fan-fiction to the movie, and most pictures that I see are so obviously hoaxes.

Now I have seen reports about what the Mothman looked (looks?) like, and have seen “real” pictures. What I would like to know is, could the Mothman still be around?

The Silver Bridge collapse happened over the Ohio River in the mid-70′s. I can’t find many reports of Mothman sightings (this might just be operator error) past that year.

See, I live in Central Ohio, as I have …

July 2nd, 2010 by Caretaker