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Writings About the Hidden Fount of Magic

The enigma of a prehistoric advanced society has mystified seekers after ancient wisdom and perplexed writers for more than two thousand years. In the modern Info-Age,  New Age online book store browsers have at their disposal a massive list of publications alluding to the myth of Atlantis.

There are more thoughts regarding what that fantastic island entailed and beneath which sea the remnants can be recovered than virtually any other tale of primordial people. Yet the tale of a lost continent which perished in a Deluge has endured exactly because it resonates so clearly as we confront what may turn out to be our own Deluge or Golden Age.

Plato originally wrote chronicling a forgotten Paradise, known as Atlantis, around 355 BC. His version suggests Atlantis lay “beyond the pillars of Hercules” and had perished about ten thousand years prior.

Prolific author Edgar Cayce described the island as a vast continent, rivaling the dimensions of Greenland. As recounted in the …

September 15th, 2007 by Caretaker 
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