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Sleep Paralysis and Blue Lightning

One ordinary night, I had brushed my teeth, washed and dressed for bed. Nothing untoward as forewarning occurred, just your usual ritual preparation for sleep. Tucking myself comfortably and deliciously into a warm bed I read the usual three pages of a book prior to sleep. This book was about nothing of the paranormal. In fact it pertained to nothing of the negative therefore rendering the possibility of setting negative feelings as unlikely. My windows were partially opened (being a warm summer night) though the curtains were closed (street lights affected my ability to sleep). My father was in his office working away (time being around 10pm), my brother had retired to his bedroom at least an hour prior to myself and my mother was downstairs watching a movie.

I had set my book down, rolled onto my stomach (favorite sleeping position) and squished my face into the soft eiderdown pillow and started the process of sleeping. I am not …

March 25th, 2010 by Caretaker