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Not Welcomed Anymore

I don’t really have a long story like some of the tales I have read, mine is more scattered through out the course of my life. Lets start at the beginning.

I was always interested in the paranormal and have done countless searches and readings on ghosts, other factual characters such as Elizabeth Bathory, exorcisms, possessions and Ouija boards… but never had a true experience that I considered unexplainable until I reached my 20′s.

I’m 21 now, at the age of 20 I began seeing this man, whom I shall not name, who had visitation with his then 2 year old son. His son would lay in his crib and seemingly speak to someone, but no one was ever there… now being he was only two I thought nothing of it. shortly after we would hear a loud thump at 3 am on several occasions, it would sound as though the child’s crib had fell, or broken, we would go …

August 16th, 2010 by Caretaker