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Ouija Board Story from Houston Texas

I have a Ouija board story. In 1998 while living in Houston, Texas my sister and her husband came up to visit from a small out of town city where they were living at the time. Being one who likes to try different restaurants, and given the vast number of famous restaurants in Houston, my sister wanted to go out to eat a nice dinner. She picked one in the “Galleria”, a famous mall in Houston.

My sister is also an avid Barbie doll collector and noticed a famous toy store across from the Galleria. Apparently the toy store has Barbie dolls that are hard to find, and she wanted to go in and take a look. While there, she bought a Ouija board. She is also very superstitious.

After dinner we went back to my apartment and she immediately opened the board. Myself, my wife and my sister sat at the table to try it out. My brother-in-law would …

February 21st, 2011 by Caretaker