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The Home Wrecker Indian Ouija

This is another Ouija board story but really fascinating.

I belong to an Indian family. Once attending my paternal uncle’s wedding at the country (village) side. I experienced this strange encounter with spirits. Indian villages are prone to have paranormal encounters more than the cities. But me and my cousins didn’t believe in such stuff about outer world.

So, once we were hanging out in one of the rooms of our ancestral house the day before the wedding, we were all making fun, enjoying ourselves, listening songs, missing all those gadgets (since Indian villages are very rural). We started searching for some stuff to entertain this restless younger generation who cannot think about surviving without all those modern facilities, so we took this event as a camp out in the villages.

Then we found this strange, old, Ouija board sort of thing (not exactly Ouija board, as it was in Hindi, but had the same mechanism as an Ouija board …

October 3rd, 2010 by Caretaker