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Tebray Is Back!

Back in 2008 I posted a story about a ghost called Tebray ( The Boogeyman Whispered ‘Tebray’ ) and how he used to torture me when I was 3. I am now 16, 17 in July and live in a town called Hebburn. I thought it would be good to reminisce and go back to all the previous houses I had lived in, including the one in Longbenton also known as the devil’s house where Tebray was.

This is how it went, me and my friend went on a trip to Longbenton and I didn’t realize I was walking past my old house where Tebray was. My eyes were glued to the window where the sitting room was. I ran from the front to the house to the back where my old bedroom was. I was thinking that its been too long to hold this fear anymore, so I decided to confront them. As soon as I spotted my bedroom, …

June 4th, 2010 by CareTaker