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Ghostly Voice In A Strange Museum

This is a completely true story that happened about 8 years ago in Los Angeles.

A friend of mine and her husband run this very strange museum (The Museum of Jurassic Technology). It is like a joke kind of museum with very weird objects and sounds. It has always spooked me whenever I went in there. It is VERY dark and the exhibits are so odd – old creepy bones, old books, just a lot of weird stuff.

She and I (her name is Diana) belonged to a study group with some professors that used to meet every Friday at the museum, in the back. To get there you had to walk through the dark museum, but in the back was a modern, bright, normal kitchen.

Well one Friday we were all in back, the museum was closed and it was about 11:00. We were all concentrating really hard on our work when I heard a woman’s voice coming from …

February 10th, 2009 by Caretaker