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Mary Kitchens Road

Here is another Pensacola area story. Sorry, Jim… Again! Garcon Point! A little history needs to be told. I never saw any thing “but”… I heard this, for lack of a better word, noise, screech, I don’t know.

I have heard two different versions of this story.

One: Mary Kitchens was brutally murdered on a road on south Garcon Pt. Another she was killed in a car crash. I do not know which is true… sorry!

This happened three times when I was by myself, I would hear a screeching woman! It sounded like someone being tortured. I would be standing on my girlfriends front steps smoking a cigarette and hear this God awful shrieking!

At first I thought, coyotes, peacocks. I didn’t know what was making that noise! I was friendly with my girlfriends neighbors, so I asked around about the “screeching”. They looked at me like I was crazy so I dropped it.

One weekend her brother was …

May 14th, 2010 by Caretaker