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Hauntings in a Small Ireland Town

Hi everyone, Ill tell you a story that some parts I wasn’t there to witness but the people I heard it from have my utter trust, I hope they have yours.

I’m from London but my family are originally from Ireland, a little town in Wexford named Enniscorthy. Well If you wish to you can look back, there was a famous battle there in the Irish revolutionary war against England in 1798. Well anyway the town is built around a large hill with large mountain style rocks on top. Where the majority of the battle took place. The ghosts of dead soldier from both England and Ireland are spotted so much there its almost a strange phenomena if you haven’t seen them. I hadn’t until I was 16, Around two weeks into a four week holiday My grandmothers mother died at the age of 94. That night my grandmother stayed in her house rather than were the rest of our …

February 22nd, 2010 by Caretaker