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Ghost Light an the Old Gentleman

We moved to Fulton County, New York in the mid 1960′s. One of the first neighbors we met lived a mile up from us. He was an old gentleman of almost 90 years old, he lived with his wife and they always had about five or six of their grandkids living with them. Him and my father became good friends.

From the beginning he would tell us about what he called a Ghost Light, some times he called it a watch light. On a number of times when at his farm we would witness the light for our selves. According to the old man, it was a tale told him by his grandfather 80 years before, that if you spot a ghost light like the one on his property, and managed to follow it to its source you would find buried treasure.

After awhile of watching the light, me, my brother and the old mans grand-kids went to the field …

May 25th, 2010 by Caretaker