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Fire Balls in Mexico Mountain

My dad sent me and my two brothers to Mexico to live for a year. It was Christmas. We were making a fire with my cousins and brother when we looked at the mountain and we saw a fire ball. We told our cousin, “look a comet!” My cousin laughed and said, “Stupid American you just don’t know that’s a witch but don’t worry just don’t take pictures or bother it, it lives in the cave,” then the fire ball circled the mountain two times and disappeared into the mountain.

I ran and told my mom what happened. She told me its okay its Mexico. I freaked I wanted to come back home to the states.

Two weeks later I went walking back to my grandmas when I heard the sound of a fire blowing in the wind. Then a fire ball jumped about ten feet in the air behind this brick wall. I ran back and told my grandma. …

May 12th, 2011 by Caretaker