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Ouija Board Footsteps Doors and Voices

I’m 40 years old. I have played with the Ouija board many times in the past with friends and had never had a bad experience. I always thought it was just for fun.

In February of 2010, we just moved into a new home In Michigan. It was all updated, looked so beautiful but was actually built in 1980′s. I know since it was a new house, we heard noises and we all accused each other of who left the lights on after I know we turned them off etc.

At night when I would stay up watching TV and everyone else was a sleep. I swear I would hear someone walking around in the kitchen. I even got up thinking my son got up but no one would be there. Another night, when it was just me up, I heard a door open and foot steps. Again I thought my son got up cause his room was on the …

July 24th, 2011 by CareTaker 

Something Has Followed Me Home!

On our family vacation a few weeks ago we went to a few different historical cities and towns. One of them was Gettysburg.

Jennie Wade was the only civilian killed by direct cause of the battle of Gettysburg, and so of course, her house is said to be haunted. Since I am so in to this kind of thing, my parents decided that going to the midnight tour of the Jennie Wade house would be the perfect thing for the end of vacation since we didn’t go anywhere that I was too excited for.

We were told to tell the tour guide if anything abnormal happened to us while in the house. Needless to say, I failed at doing so. I told her about the cold spot that I felt, I told her about the sound my mother, sister, and I heard, but I didn’t tell her about the shadow that I saw. I wasn’t sure what it was, I …

July 25th, 2010 by CareTaker 

Followed by Otherworldly Things

It has been a while since this story occurred, but the feeling will never fade. About two years ago I spent time with one of my old friends, we’ll call him Mike. He revealed to me a frightening dream he had been having, where a hooded entity watched him from a graveyard and pointed at him. He then told me he had felt as if something had been following him. There was once he told me that he experienced more paranormal things with me than any other time. That alone kind of creeps me out.

From the moment he told me the story of his dream it felt as if something was looking into the window at us. I have had experiences with otherworldly things, but this one I did not want near me. After he left I went up into my room still feeling unsettled. The following night I drove to my female friends house who practices Wicca. We …

July 23rd, 2010 by CareTaker 

Finley’s Haunted Bar and Grill

Finley’s Bar and Grill, smack dab in the middle of farm land is the last of the mom and pop operations complete with its own entity who has resided there for the 16 years that Debra Finley and husband Mark have owned the place. I felt a heaviness of energy years ago when I stopped in for a delicious lunch and wanted to ask if it was haunted at that time but felt it was inappropriate as the place was full inside and in the garden with customers.

Recently on a day off I just popped in Finley’s, introduced myself then asked the owners if they have experienced paranormal activity. They were taken aback and wanted to know who told me. After establishing I wasn’t to crazy just curious if they could validate my feelings, they both opened up and shared the personal experiences they and their staff have had for the 16 years they have owned the business. This …

March 1st, 2010 by CareTaker 

Me and My Boys Ghost Stories

Aight im B. Steady and I’ve seen, heard, and experienced some crazy stuff. My first memory I have was my apartment in flames. I was three and all I really remember is explosions and screams. My parents told me I burned it down. I just remember being angry. I remember setting my mattress on fire with a lighter that ironically my brother taught me how to use the exact same day.

Anyway when I was around nine I was confronted by a dead soul. My grandmother’s house is haunted for sure. I remember every year dreading the nights in the ghostly hours of midnight to three. She owned the creepiest grandfather clock that I swear was a portal to the other side. The dead. I would wake every night to a confrontation. Sometimes creaky footsteps getting closer to my room.

One particular time, seconds after the strike of three, the microwave starts cooking out of nowhere. I couldn’t stay in …

February 26th, 2010 by CareTaker 

Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 9

Have you read the previous parts of this story? Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 1

Growing up with a traditional haunting, poltergeist activity, Ouija Boards (yes we had one, but in the 60s and 70′s we were very naive about their inherent dangers) and EVPs, you can imagine we were fairly open minded but we had strange events in our family even before my father died… in fact before I was even thought of.

Firstly you must understand there is a 12/13 year age gap between my older sisters and myself hence why I was left out of a lot of things growing up. The event that unfolded involved my middle sister and the concept of reincarnation.

In 1957 my Dad was home from Korea and not long discharged from the army and we were getting used to having him home full time as a civilian. I was just a twinkle in his eye as Mum would later tell …

December 22nd, 2009 by CareTaker 

Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 8 EVPs

Have you read the previous parts of this story? Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 1

In the late 70′s no-one even knew what an EVP was. While I have since studied and read up on the paranormal in an attempt to understand what my family and I went through growing up – we did once manage to unintentionally capture a rather impressive EVP.

Only My Mum and I were in the house – my new step-dad was away working. My mum who had been an extremely qualified ex trauma nurse and matron had done the ‘done thing’ in the 50′s and given up work when she married, as was the done thing in those days. Now in the liberated 70′s she was throwing herself back into study as a psychologist (maybe the ghost had driven us crazy and we needed one in the family?) and she had to practice a speech she had to give to her lecturers. Mum …

December 22nd, 2009 by CareTaker 

Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 7

Have you read the previous parts of this story? Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 1

While the “big” and exciting events of growing up in a haunted house always make for the good stories, not everything was intense and amazing… the little things often made to just remind us ‘he’ was still around.

Mum was doing the laundry and going through all the bedrooms and tossing the dirty laundry into the hall where she could scoop it up and take it to the laundry in one trip. Mum noted a number of items; her navy slacks – my new Mickey mouse undies (very important to a 5 year old in the 60′s!) and my sister’s brand new ‘hippy’ shirt. Mum remembers throwing them into the hallway and even them flying through the air in her peripheral vision. It wasn’t until later when she was pegging the clothes on the line she realized all 3 items were missing. Being a …

December 21st, 2009 by CareTaker