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Philippine Elves

Every summer, my best friend and their family would go to Bicol to visit her grandmother. She told me a lot of scary creatures she or her relatives encounter, one of these are the Nuno (elf or dwarf).

My best friend always go to the back garden of her grandma to enjoy the beautiful sight, when she was about to sleep; she noticed a small scary person sitting beside her. she was so scared that she was about to faint, the “Person” was not human nor was a spirit. it was wearing a tattered blue hat, it also had sharp teeth and scary brown foundation (skin). She saw the “thing” leave and disappear in front of an old mango tree. as soon as it left, she hurried back inside the house and told her cousins about it. her cousins told her it was a “Nuno sa Puno”.

Everyday, my best friend sits on the bench and waits for the nuno …

June 8th, 2010 by Caretaker