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The Stories of My Ancestors

My grandparents were from Bulgaria, and from a few countries after that, as far as my myth of our heritage, I think we’re a Germanic family, I cannot know the truth however, nobody in my family knows. Well anyway, my family lived in Bulgaria, I do not know which province, yet my mother and my grandmother told me stories of their paranormal, they told the truth, I believe them because a few things happened to me. My mother told me of the Ghost Bride, who was killed before marrying, I don’t know how, however the Bride was a good lady, often coming into peoples’ houses and washing their dishes at night, wearing her wedding clothes. However, the most important story is the Dwarfs of Bulgaria.

My great grandfather was a high-ranked soldier in the Army and apparently he had wonderful sapphire eyes, and my other great-grandfather who had emerald eyes, like mine. My great-grandfather who had blue eyes’ name was …

December 8th, 2010 by CareTaker