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Deja Vu in a Georgia Cemetery

My name is Stephen and from early childhood I seemed to be very sensitive to my surroundings and people in particular. I always sensed things about them good or bad within minutes of meeting them.

When I was in my early 20′s I was in the Army and stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia. I had been married just a short time and a friend of the family stopped by to inform us that he was deploying to Germany and wanted to know if we would store his Honda Goldwing motorcycle while he was gone, and asked if I could take it out from time to time just to keep the engine from sitting idle to long. I told him no problem, and about a one week later, I decided to go on my first ride.

I was a little apprehensive because it had been several years since I last rode a motorcycle. So I got on the bike and because …

September 19th, 2011 by CareTaker 

What the Shadows Show Me

As everything Is and Was, the shadows of Was show me what has still to become Is. he name I am called is Leah, and this is the second time I am sharing my past experiences with you all. In the first “story” I shared with you I told you all of the Shadow People. As a short summary, I see things, hear things, and even know things, all under circumstances to which I cannot explain. This time, I shall tell you of the things I Know.

Ever since I was little I would have moments of extreme deja vu, either right before things happen or right as they happen. as any child does I dismissed this and continued on my life, being, I’m afraid to admit, more interested in the things I saw and heard than my “visions”.

How do I know they were visions, you ask? Its hard to explain. At times, to my utter surprise, I can …

March 13th, 2010 by CareTaker