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Uncle Mike on His Death Bed

Everybody Gets Theirs in the End

This is more of a family thing that no one has talked about since it happened. I was born and raised in south Boston and have the hugest Irish family you have ever seen. Not to make it all long I have 23 first cousins so yeah were pretty freaking huge. My favorite uncle was uncle mike, he taught me to do everything how to be a man, husband, and most of all a provider. We were always taught since birth that family comes first and to do whatever you got to do to provide for them at any cost. So of course we were hustlers we ran anything and everything and if someone had a problem we had my grandpa and uncles to back us up so needless to say no one complained twice.

Well I was in Kansas city takin care of family business when my dad called and said that my …

January 3rd, 2010 by Caretaker