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Something Has Followed Me Home!

On our family vacation a few weeks ago we went to a few different historical cities and towns. One of them was Gettysburg.

Jennie Wade was the only civilian killed by direct cause of the battle of Gettysburg, and so of course, her house is said to be haunted. Since I am so in to this kind of thing, my parents decided that going to the midnight tour of the Jennie Wade house would be the perfect thing for the end of vacation since we didn’t go anywhere that I was too excited for.

We were told to tell the tour guide if anything abnormal happened to us while in the house. Needless to say, I failed at doing so. I told her about the cold spot that I felt, I told her about the sound my mother, sister, and I heard, but I didn’t tell her about the shadow that I saw. I wasn’t sure what it was, I …

July 25th, 2010 by CareTaker 

Something In the Basement

One day when I was ten my friend and I were coming home from school (it wasn’t my usual route because I was riding home with her) and we went into her house. We were at first downstairs in the basement playing hide-and-seek, then it started to get cold so we went up stairs. My friend got on the computer, and started playing some game and I was watching something on the TV with her little sister.

We weren’t paying much attention to anything but the TV When all the sudden I looked over at the basement door, there was a lock on it so you could lock it from the outside rather than the inside. I sat the lock move, like someone was turning it but no one was there. My friend’s sister was sitting on the opposite side of the couch and was looking at the door too. (The living room couch that we were sitting on had …

April 19th, 2010 by CareTaker 

Civil War Ghosts The Soldier And The Farmer

The year was 2001 when it happened.  I remember it well.  My aunt, before moving to another home in the month that followed, she lived in a home you wouldn’t think haunted.  Set on a small hill neighborhood in an area outer Hendersonville Tennessee, its age I would guess it would be about 25-35 years of age, so it was nicely aged; kept up, wooden flooring throughout the house, a nice basement surrounded by sturdy foundations with an overall lived-in homey feeling that anyone would enjoy.

However you saw this home, you wouldn’t expect it to be haunted by spirits.  In fact, the thought would not even cross your mind.  It never did mine.  On the night when it all started, I had only been there a few nights into visiting her and my family.  I was laying on the couch, by my choice because I love softy cushy couches (Lucky for me it was just that), almost into a …

January 23rd, 2009 by CareTaker