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My Daughter Attracts Spirits

This story spans over three homes in Cheshire, England

When I was pregnant with my daughter I lived in a small mother and baby unit, close to my previous home. I had enjoyed every second of living there, but when my daughter was born things almost immediately began to change. My flat was on the upper floor with another three flats. When returning from the communal living room at night with the other girls we all became aware of a presence on the upper landing. No one mentioned it to each other but we all noticed one and other switching on the light for the landing before we turned the corner.

One night, I think my daughter was a month old, I was sitting in the communal living room with Becky. We both heard a strange noise coming from my baby monitor which I had turned on so I could hear if my daughter woke up. We both listened to …

March 2nd, 2010 by Caretaker