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Cemetery And Abandoned House Pictures

The first picture was taken at a grave yard at about 11:30 pm. My 10 year old daughter seems to capture all kinds of eerie stuff on film. She also sees and talks to spirits and dreams of things before they happen. Sometimes she seems to know what people are thinking. I believe that she may be gifted with an insight few others have.

Anyway, we recently moved to a new house and since the first night my daughter, “Ree”, has claimed to be in contact with a small girl who was supposedly killed in our home and buried in a nearby graveyard. I’ve looked into this and can’t validate it through records. The spirit girl’s name is Amy.

The other night were decided to ride four wheelers down to the cemetery and spook each other. Ree took our camera. She took several pictures on our trip of different things. This particular photo seemed to be just pitch darkness with …

February 14th, 2009 by Caretaker