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My Best Friend and the Other Girl

I’ve always been very sensitive to some things that others couldn’t feel. I live with a very skeptical family and I have very skeptical friends, so I haven’t had the occasion to talk about this much (I actually only told this story to my best friend). My friends always used to make fun of me when we went down to the park near their house, which was built on an old Burgundian cemetery (the Burgundians were a Germanic tribe that came to my city around the time the Roman empire fell). I felt things there that I couldn’t explain, and sometimes I refused to go because I just couldn’t stand being there. My friends never understood why so they left me out quite often.

I must’ve been about ten or eleven years old when I had my first real ghost experience. I got up one morning and I was still lying in bed with my eyes half closed when I …

October 31st, 2010 by Caretaker