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Black Oak Ghosts

This happened last month near the end of July. I went up to Black Oak, Arkansas to visit my girl friend and her family. While I was staying with them her friend Dusten and Amanda came over, we were sitting there talking about random things then we got on the subject of ghosts. I thought I had one a few months ago but they said there’s a few haunted places around there that they wanted to show me so I said “lets do it.”

We left and headed down the street to the blue church. We went in and headed upstairs as we started hearing this knocking sound coming from the left of us, we went back outside pretty freaked, but we went back after we retrieved my girl friend’s camera from her house and started taking pictures, those I do not have.

Well Dusten picked something up on the first floor and the knocking happened again but I didn’t …

August 31st, 2010 by Caretaker