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How to See the Ghosts

Hey, before this story I want to give you a little intro of my self. I’m a Korean American, and I lived in China, Beijing for 3 years (currently I’m in Singapore). My first year in China, my mom had hired a Chinese tutor, she was really nice and sweet (I would also say hot) girl in her 20s who was a bit ‘fragile’ and this will be the story that she told me.

I always enjoyed ghost stories often, and I nagged my tutor to keep telling me some. My maid (aiyi as the Chinese would call it) did not really believe her, but did always comment on people who sees ghosts are rather ‘weak’ and ‘fragile’ (like my tutor). One day when we were just chilling, she told me a story of how she started to see ghosts. This story might not be really scary but I swear it is true.

When she was little, her town was …

October 12th, 2010 by Caretaker