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Downtown Tampa

Jim again. This happened late one Sunday night in the summer of 92′. I was cycling on Bayshore Blvd., it’s a seven something mile long sidewalk that goes from Ballist Point to Davis Island which is just downtown. As I passed Bay to Bay Blvd. the path curves toward the north, that is when I saw something that made me get off my bike and rub my eyes and then look again.

I sat there for almost an hour watching this thing and telling myself I was not seeing it but of course I was. There were no clouds in the sky that night except one. Directly over downtown was the face of a devil! I was not on drugs, I was not drinking. This face was so detailed. There were eyes like a cats that seemed to be looking around. There were horns, nose and a mouth with fangs.

Here’s the curious thing, the wind was blowing out of …

May 4th, 2010 by Caretaker