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Headless White Lady in the Philippines

I am Josh. I live in the Baguio City, Philippines, our place is a well known place for ghost hunting cause there are many spot where you can see ghost.

In our place the story of a ghost is the Headless white lady, according to the elders in our place there was a lady during the Japanese era that is raped and killed, and the worst done to her was her head was separated from her body. They say that the two big trees in our area was where the Japanese buried her body and head, the head was buried in the large Mango Tree and the body is in the Narra Tree.

A lot of people already encountered this ghost, some say they saw a headless lady, walking in a straight path from the Narra Tree to the Mango tree. Another was once drunk guys tried to put gas in the Mango Tree and tried to burn it but …

March 22nd, 2010 by CareTaker