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Need Advice on Dealing with Ghosts

Ok. My name is Bridget and I’m 14 years of age. And ever since I can remember, I’ve had paranormal experiences.

When I was about 10, I would hear these strange noise underneath my bed, like a jingling almost. I know it was not my ears because they were perfectly healthy at the time. I would just lie in my bed an listen to them. Of course my parents never heard the jingling so they didn’t believe me. After a while, I refused to sleep in that room. So I traded with one of my younger sisters. She never heard them.

That was one that started it all basically. After that, and to this day, I can feel someone watch/follow me. If I’m lazy in the morning, something actually slaps me. I open my eyes and there’s nothing there. I feel pain in my cheek from it. Then I get up pretty quickly so it doesn’t happen again.

I often …

July 9th, 2010 by Caretaker 

I Saw But I Dont Believe

I live in the surrounding suburbs of Sydney, Australia. One day years ago I was at a friends house for dinner. Before I go into detail though I would like to mention, I’m a devout Atheist and although this memory is vivid, sober etc, I still don’t believe it myself. (But it freaks me out).

I have been close with his family since I was 5 years old and know them all quite well, which will explain some things later. This night no-body was home accept myself and, let’s call him Bob. Bob was in the kitchen fixing up dinner whilst I was in his bedroom playing his guitar. From that position I could see clearly out of the door to the hallway, which lead to the left into the dinning/kitchen (joined) which is roughly a meter of wall between my sight out of the door to seeing Bob in the kitchen.

As I played away at the guitar I …

July 1st, 2010 by Caretaker 

Haunted Darwin 5

Having had my previous experiences printed here and currently living in an army defense home, where I can’t really have my problem with an entity we have christened “Kevin” solved by a defense maintenance call (see previous stories) I find people now tend to volunteer to tell me their paranormal ‘stories’.

These were told to me by a woman I catch the bus with this morning.

My friend and her husband were preparing a BBQ in the house they only lived in a few months. Her husband was a skeptic, where my friend was more open minded. She had felt the house was a touch ‘weird’ since moving in but the husband thought her feelings were all a lot of phooey and dismissed them!

As he stood outside on the veranda working at the BBQ he felt a tug on his shirt, thinking it was his wife he turned and realized he could see her preparing salad in the kitchen. …

June 15th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Haunted Darwin 4

Being notorious about my experiences of growing up haunted ( see previous stories ) I find people tend to tell me things.

This paranormal story came from my Tupperware dealer.

My dealer (which sounds so sordid – but if you saw my Tupperware cupboard you would perhaps agree I have some kind of addiction!)

confided to me of two paranormal experiences she had.

One happened when her husband was away working and she was asleep in bed. She felt the bed go down beside her and initially thought it was her 12 year old climbing into bed with her after a bad dream. Opening one eye to note her presence, she was surprised to realize there was no-one there… excepting she could still feel the bed being pressed down.

Opening both eyes and being fully awake she stared at the depression in the bed which didn’t change. By now quite startled she flicked on the bedside light only to see …

June 12th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Ghost in Photo on Australia Grave Stone?

I was taking a photo of my grandfathers grave (W.M. Towell) recently in Brisbane Queensland, Australia. A friend was looking at the photo and inquired how old the grave to the left of my grandparents grave was.

When I zoomed the photo in I immediately saw a woman’s face looking back from the centre of the gravestone. After looking for a while longer not really believing what I was seeing I noticed to the top left of the headstone is what appears to three Australian Soldiers wearing their army Slouch Hats. On the right hand side of the headstone is what appears to be a young women with maybe flowers in her hair.

I hope to hear back on what your opinion is on what I have captured in this picture.

Sent in by Dianne Simpson, Copyright 2010

June 9th, 2010 by Caretaker 

More Haunted Darwin Australia

Having an entity we have christened “Kevin” in my army house in Darwin, we have on occasion have had encounters with this angry male entity. ( see previous stories )

As recently as the first week of May, I found myself alone in the house for 2 weeks when my teenage children had to fly to Sydney suddenly for a funeral.

To my surprise, I realized I had never really been alone in the house for any great deal of time before, let alone 2 weeks!

The first week was uneventful and I enjoyed the tranquility of not having to pick up after teenagers!

However, one evening as I was on the computer I looked to my right down the full length of the house toward the loungeroom and by a window I seemed to glimpse for a split second, a black shape, reminiscent of a tall half a head and part of a shoulder moving extremely quickly across the …

May 25th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Strange Occurrences in Aussie House

Well not sure were to start but here goes. I was living in a house in Victoria, Australia, I always believed in ghosts or spirits though being 16 at the time I had no ghost experiences at the time. My family and I had been living in a house and strange happenings started to occur. I was out late at a friends house one night and came home went to the toilet and was about to go in the kitchen but came to a halt in the doorway, there was a little boy with red hair who look astonishingly a lot like my 7 year old brother from the back (me only being able to see the back of this little boy) with red hair and roughly the same height. It was quite late and I was about to ask my little brother what was he doing up this late. I didn’t due to the fact I got a cold …

May 24th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Its Time to Move On

I have always had an interest in the paranormal and although influenced by my mother and older sister, they never pushed anything upon me. I took it upon myself to read books about the subject. I guess you could say our family was open minded.

Our story began when we moved into a house in Dandenong Victoria in 1983. My mother had insomnia and often lay awake reading books late at night. She had her bed shaken on several occasions which alarmed her a bit. My sister 17, had seen on two occasions a figure standing at the end of her bed. She described it as a man wearing what looked like a Dick Tracy outfit with a hat, with a beige look all over. She could not see any features.

We had an old ceramic kettle and the switch was broken (you had to flick it on at the wall). One day my mum was standing in the kitchen …

April 8th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Haunted Darwin Australia Part 3

Having an already established presence in our Darwin ‘army house’ whom we named ‘Kevin’ – recently Kevin decided after a period of inactivity to kick out!

Whether or not this was a paranormal experience or just coincidence I started to ‘feel’ Kevin was in my room again (see previous stories). Subsequently, without having said anything further when a sensitive friend dropped me home one night they made the joke “oh I can see Kevin by your bedroom window” and as Kevin is pretty much an accepted house guest we take for granted, I wished later I had asked if my friend had meant inside or outside! Later that same evening without having said anything to my children, my daughter, Nea claimed as she was feeding my cat in my bedroom ensuite she saw a white shape outside my bedroom window whom she thought may be Kevin as it looked like a tall person!

That night I dreamt Kevin hovered over …

March 25th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Haunted Darwin Australia Part 2

Having already accepted a presence in my Darwin house we have christened ‘Kevin’ (see previous stories) which I had sensed since moving in, my son had seen and a sensitive friend had confronted to ‘back off’ after Kevin tried to climb into bed with me, my daughter had seemed immune.

My daughter, Nea had complained of feeling “creeped out” in the house and her bedroom. I suggested she ask her grandfather to come and watch over her. After Nea did this and an apparition of a man in a hat with a tailored outline suggesting a suit (my grandfather’s classic hallmark – see previous stories) appeared on her bedroom wall, Nea admitted she felt OK in her room now (if no where else).

Yesterday, Nea (being a typical teenage younger sister) tried to get her older brother Aaron in trouble and it back fired on her terribly. Aaron has often been seeing Kevin around the house, particularly at …

February 28th, 2010 by Caretaker 

The Spirit Who Loves Red

Well, to start off, I’m in my mid teens presently and this is a personal paranormal experience that has happened recently within the last two to three months.

I am not a gullible teen, nor a faker, and I completely believe in the paranormal, though I do show a lot of skepticism to different stories at times. I do know quite a fair bit about the paranormal, what I choose to believe and what I don’t, but for the sake of not starting arguments or having someone prove my knowledge wrong, I wont try and name what this exact paranormal experience is. You may not find it to be paranormal at all, but I am pretty certain it is. This story may be long, but I hope you read it and I hope someone can either relate to it, or gain an understanding from it, whatever that may be. Well, here goes:

At the moment, I live with my Nan …

February 27th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Haunted WW2 Vintage Aircraft in Darwin

Having accumulated some local notoriety in Darwin for having my experiences printed here, (Darwin is still a small town) I am now being approached by others to share their stories. This was told to me by our builder last week as he fixed our air conditioner.

The Darwin CBD has been built up and is now accruing a modern set of high rise apartments. First one must understand that Darwin was bombed by the Japanese during WW2 on 19/2/1942, in fact, by the same strike force that bombed Pearl Harbour a few months before on 7/12/1941. Aircraft engines from crashed planes were found in the CBD during recent excavations for new buildings.

This odd event happened to the builder’s father, who now lives in one of the new high rise apartments. He claimed he was awakened in the pre-dawn by the drone of multiple aircraft extremely close to his building and went out on to his balcony to see what …

February 13th, 2010 by Caretaker 
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