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Glowing Silver Figure from Earthen Mound in Ohio

There’s an earthen mound in Athens County, Ohio which sits in sparse woods beside what used to be a narrow gravel road atop a steep ridge. In those days no one lived near this place for some distance.

My aunt, uncle and cousin used to run the church in Carbondale since it didn’t often have a minister to preach in it. They would come from Conant to the north east to do this and went twice on Sundays, very early and then in the evening which kept them late.

One particular night they were coming along that lonesome road towards home when they saw the shape of a man walking through the woods up ahead. At first they thought he was wearing light clothes and holding some sort of bright light in front of him. It became clear after some time that “he” was glowing a very bright silver color and walking directly from that earthen mound. Whoever was driving …

June 30th, 2010 by Caretaker