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Haunted Cries from Cold Mountain

The Story begins when my family and I are at somewhere far away in Alaska (I don’t want anyone to know the location of this mountain) on a summer trip with my favorite uncle Tommy in his rented cabin, my dad and I are going to get some wood the old fashion way instead going to the small town almost near our cabin to get some logs there for the fire place. That creepy night, my family and I hear strange wolves howling at exactly 12 am then suddenly stops at 3:33 am, it keeps happening almost every single freaking night man. One night, while we were all downstairs together (Its a huge Cabin with a bunch of windows and rooms, its like a 2 story house made of wood), we hear loud thumping sounds upstairs dragging something that CAME FROM MY ROOM!, we came up and saw nothing, we didn’t got robbed or anything like that but my mom …

May 16th, 2010 by Caretaker 


It all started when I was little. I remember when I was about three or four. We lived in a little trailer in Bellingham, Wa. Now you may thing ‘the kids young, she’s scared of the dark’ but it was more then that. I remember I hated the hallway at night. I always had this feeling of being watched. Or when I had to walk down it this feeling of just impending doom would lurk over me.

When I was six we moved from that trailer up to Anchorage Alaska. We had moved into The Spenard Motel. Mother checked us in and we stayed in room 27. A year passed, my grandma slept in the front room and me and my mom slept in the back. My mom worked graveyard shifts so that would leave me in the room by myself. At two thirty in the morning one night. I woke up, for no reason. I turned on the TV …

December 23rd, 2009 by Caretaker