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Mother Kept Her Bond with Me in the Afterlife

My mom suddenly fell to cancer and died in 2006 within 24 hours of her diagnosis. Prior to her death my mom and I were the closest out of her 7 children, especially after my dad died 10 years prior. We told each other everything and on her death bed I whispered in her ear to never leave my side no matter where I moved to with my navy boyfriend. We both pinky-swore and she whispered back “I promise!”

The moment I fell asleep, after my mom died, I dreamed that I went to her house as normal to pay her a visit and she gave me the biggest and tightest cheek-to-cheek hug ever until my alarm woke me up.  Then my 9 year old began dreaming of mom standing guard outside my bedroom door looking at him and smiling. This continued every night until I sold the house and move to an apartment because I was relocating to another …

October 9th, 2010 by CareTaker