Strange Whispering

Posted on December 25, 2010

Okay I haven’t told many people about this yet, let alone put it on the internet, but I need to know if anyone else has experienced the same thing because every time I try and remember it I keep thinking maybe it was my imagination.

It was the middle of the day and I was at my grandmothers house making lunch before I went to see my friend. I was in the kitchen when all of a sudden I heard whispering. I don’t know if it was in another language or if it was just talking so fast I couldn’t understand it but it whispered three times holding for 3 seconds something and it seemed to be coming closer and closer. I have no idea what it was saying. I keep trying to remember. At the time I thought I must be imagining things or there has to be a logical explanation like we can hear the neighbors radio sometimes through the walls maybe its that but then I kept thinking how could it be something next door if it felt like it was right next to my ear. When I think back I think it was coming from upstairs slowly like the first time from upstairs the getting closer and closer.

After that I left the house quickly and went to see my friend when I came back gran was home and after a few hours I brought up the weird thing that happened to me and that’s when I got freaked out. My gran told me that 13 years ago she heard the very same thing. Whispering and she couldn’t understand what it was saying but hers went for about 20 seconds without stopping in the upstairs room with the small TV. I was shaking. I had always felt so calm in that house, so safe, now every time I go there I feel anxious.

Gran got a priest to come a month after with holy water and he said when he entered the room where my gran heard it he felt a strong feeling or vibe. Although gran thinks its gone because the priest came I am constantly having unsafe feelings in that house now. It used to be a place of safety to me now I don’t know what to believe. Gran believes it isn’t anything bad because it has never seemed to harm us. I don’t know what to think I just wish I could have understood what it said. Every time I try and remember the memory gets dimmer and dimmer.

Has anyone ever had that kind of encounter? Please let me know because the more I try to remember it the more I keep thinking it was my imagination when I know it wasn’t.

Sent in by Elizabeth, Copyright 2010

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20 Responses to “Strange Whispering”
  1. sharayah says:

    i believe you did hear something but try not to be scared. your grandma took steps to clean her house and to make it try not to give into your fears and believe in God he can remove any and everything. your grandma has faith in God now it’s time for you. :) when your going to go over there say a prayer too God.once your there ask your grandma if she can say a little prayer with you while you are there.please know God the father and God the son can fix every thing. wish you well take care of your grandma see needs you.
    ps.i have seen things with my eyes many thing so please be happy it was just a whisper and not more. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have experienced the same whisperings that you are talking about. It happend one evning when I was in my bed because I was wery sick in the flue.
    Then I started to hear a dark male voice, in my bedroom, whispering in som kind of languich that I couldnt understand. It was going on for about one hour. And of course I was so frightend that i was frozen in fear in my bed.
    I think it was some kind of demon, I really dont know, but after this evening very bad things happend to me.
    Now I am fine, and this happend 6 years ago.
    I still think about it and always go to sleep with my night light on. I am 31 years old now and I am still very sceared when I think of the voice.

  3. mario salinas says:

    Yea I’ve been there twice when I just moved in my studio I heard like two people whispering fast like on the last exorcism when those whisperings came from the room that’s exactly how it sound than I found out I had ghosts in my pad going to the neighbors house and mine the second time was when I moved into an aparttment with friends everyone went to the store and I was falling asleep with my earphones on pretty loud and I heard right through the ear phones “shhhh don’t say anything” it was a young woman and I got up and started to hear whisperings again so I got up and turned the light on and went to sleep

  4. AnNa BiTeS BaCk says:

    its whispering i wouldnt worry about it.

  5. Morrigaine says:

    When I was living with a friend in Nevada I had something similar happen. In his home I would hear two females and a male speaking. Although I never could make out what they were saying I felt it was necessary to perform a cleansing on the home with sage and sweet-grass. I am of Native American decent so knew the cleansing ritual well. Since your grandmother had the priest come over to cleanse the home anything negative has since left, but if you still feel uneasy in the home my suggestion would be to request that the priest return while you are there to allow you some peace of mind. Best wishes and merry part.


  6. Angel says:

    Last night..something woke me someone touched me and then I could feel something or like someone was in my room..I pulled the cover over my head and froze..scared to death. Then I heard “goodbye” whispered close to me which PETRIFIED me ..after a while I felt safe again. I feel like maybe there has to be a logical explanation too it,but then logically the only other explanation is that I’m losing my mind lol and that is even more scary :( Honestly,this is not the 1st time I have felt or experienced something “paranormal” but I try to make myself believe its stress or night terrors (while awake lol).. Any help would be awesome :(

  7. BekkieLassy says:

    Hey Elizabeth.
    I had the same thing happening to me 14 years ago. I was 8 years old, I’m turning 22 this year. I was playing in the mud infront of my house, like I did almost every day. But this day was difrent. As I was playing on my own alone outside. I heard something. It sounded likea bunch of people wispering at me all together. I coulnd hear what they sayed coz they talked to fast. Well I sepose it was because they got no reaction out of me. But it got lauder and lauder the my right ear actualy started acing, as if they were standing rite next to my ear. I never thought eneything of it coz i didn’t understand eney of it so I rubbed it off. As I got older and knowing more of the paranormal I realised that they were trying to tel me something. Well they never spoke to me ever since.

  8. Carri says:

    my daughter keeps hearing a whispering voice late at night when it is dark. it is her bedroom. she won’t sleep in there. the voice whispers in her ear. But the voice is in another language. she cannot see any spiritual activity only a whispering voice. she is really afraid and so am I.

  9. crystal says:

    As a child i would hear this voice call my name andi would be able to feel this entities breath on the back of my neck. i was 5 and it scared me to bits. If i needed to go to the toilte late at night this voice would follow me; it would always say my name and if i gasp the voie would stop but if i was quiet and listened this thing was asking for help.

    Another time i heard a voice talk to me was when last year 2010. My now ex and i were sleeping but i woke up for some reason and went to the lounge room and sat in there for a while with the tv on. I turned it off and was about to walk out when i heard a teen age boy’s voice laughing at me; then i heard him say ‘ I can see you but you can’t see me ” then he’d laugh again.
    I ran to bed where my ex was sleeping and i heard the voice again ” i know you can hear me” so i whispered I don’t want to see you, please go away’ then i heard laughter and from that moment on i havent heard anything.

    But if you go into a meditative state and really listen you can hear things… i can. I hear people talking about their day (and no it’s not my neighbours because we don’t live that close together for me to be able to hear them) i can always smell tabacco an my ex and i dont smoke nor do our neighbours… i just let them be, but sometimes what is being said is quite interesting…

  10. nick koch weiler says:

    I had an identical experience, it still gives me chills every time I recall it. I’m 31 now, it happened to me as a small child, age 10 at the oldest. I was laying in bed, facing the wall, my ear that was facing up at the ceiling started being bombarded by SUPER-FAST WHISPERING, the voice was definitely male and I couldn’t understand any words, it was either jibberish or another worldly language, dead language because I’ve still never heard anything like it……ever. super-fast whispering RIGHT IN MY EAR. I was frozen, I knew if I turned my head and rolled over I would be face to face with someone, something evil. This was a home I’d always lived it, never had any bad experiences except this one. Ironically, I’ve been very sensitive to spirits and ghosts as an adult.

  11. Gale14 says:

    this isnt the same, but it is similar. everytime i go to my dads house(my mm and dad are divorced)i allways have a uneasy feeling. and one time i was talking to one of my friends on the phone at night and i had my back to the windows in the living room, when i turned around, in the corner of my eye, i say a women walking by the window with a long pale-yellow dress. but when i looked at the next window that she should have walked by, there was nothing. she had long black hair, and was a grown woman, but it was like she just disapeared. later that night, i woke up and i heard whispering, it was in a womens voice and she was talking about how the evil slumber is going to be broken and that what she hid will be discovered and it needs to be forgotten. then the whispering quit and i went to bed. i ignored it for the time being, but all of the whispering has been getting more and more frequent. i havnt told anybody about it because im afraid that everyone will think that i am crazy

  12. Carri says:

    I have heard whispering in the past in my haunted mobile home. it was a woman’s voice asking me to cook her dinner. she would whisper it in my ear. I was always afraid living there. it would always come and whisper in my ear when I was cooking dinner.

  13. Chicago says:

    I stumbled across this article, because I had a similar experience this morning and wanted to find out what it could have been. I’m not necessarily a strong believer in the paranormal, but I believe in the possibility of something else being out there. I live on the top floor of a three-flat building in Chicago. This morning I was walking down the stairs in my apartment building and when I rounded the corner on the 2nd floor I heard a whisper. It sounded like it was right next to me, whispering in my right ear. I couldn’t make out or understand what it said, but it definitely took me by surprise and gave me a bit of a scare. I was holding my phone in my left hand and thought maybe I had hit something to make it play a song, but that wasn’t the case; besides, none of the music or podcasts on my phone sound like whispering. Needless to say, the experience was very strange.

  14. elizabeth says:

    Thank you everyone who replied i havent been on the website for ages because of my studies but i feel more sane knowing im not the only person who has experienced something liek this. the thing that scared me the most about this is that i didnt see anyone there and the memory keeps getting fainter so i was starting to feel like i was going insane because at least if i saw something it would be solid proof but hearing things can be more imagined then seeing things. the voice i heard was female i would say because it sounded…..light
    sharayah- thank you, i pray every night even before this happened and i know god will keep me safe :)
    i definatley think that it was only one person talking i just wish i had any clue what it was saying because the fact that it was unclear makes me even more worried cuz if i knew what it said i could have a grasp on if it was good or bad
    gran thinks its good because it seemed to bring good things after it whispeared (yes those too times) but im a strong believer in god and the preist said that god wouldnt leave spirits to wonder this earth but there is so many strange things out there so who knows
    thanks to everyone whos made me feel more sane :)
    if anyone has that experience and then finds out what language it was or what it was saying let me know please

    • Ann says:

      Hi Elizabeth
      I read your original email regarding hearing whispering going on at your grans house. Well believe you me you are not alone on this one. I too have heard whispering, it was so very crystal clear, I was waiting in an outpatients hospital waiting room and in my left ear a male voice whispered these four words “I can see you”.

      I will never forget it, I looked around at everyone else in the room, I even looked for speakers on the wall thinking someone had maybe whispered this through any visable speaker, no speakers in the room at all!!!! When I looked around at everyone else in the room everyone were either reading a mag or just sitting quietly.

      I didn’t recocnise who it might be, but what I do know is these words that were whispered in my left ear were meant for me to hear exactly what was being said. It was definately a male voice. I couldn’t wait to get home to tell my husband.

      Next time I go to see the medium I will tell her about this experience.

  15. meshell Gonzalez says:

    same thing happen to me once, i waz laying in my bed one night lessoning to joel olsteen a precher and i waz hearing like scratching in my walls, then these to voices wispering strangely it lasted like a few sconds i got up all bravely and said go away in the name of jesus ,, and they stoped and i just turn of the radio and went to bed never herd them again and that night i dreamed i a angel standing by me he waz strong and a sheld on his chest armer on wit large wings i made my self wake up , he waz just looking down on my like he was protecting me from something i dont know

  16. danielle larkins/ says:

    you shoul leave a tape recorder on

  17. carri williams says:

    My sister experience hundred of whispering voice after my step father Richard died. She could not make out what was said. My sister was afraid she said hundred of voices where whispering over my step father Richard’s body. My sister discovered him dead of a heart attack. She ran out of the house and called the police.

    About 10 years later my little daughter heard a whispering voice in our house in another language she could not understand. The voice whispers once in a while in this other language only to her.
    My little daughter is terrified when she hears this voice whispering. She said the voice is very close to her ear.

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