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Strange Things are Happening to Me

Posted on June 10, 2011

I don’t know if these can be called ghost stories. I don’t believe in ghosts but I 110% believe in demons because those I have seen with my own two eyes. It started when I was young. I think it moved in when I was in middle school. I say move in because I remember the day that I started to feel it watching me/us. I still don’t know if my family was aware of it at all. I guess I was too chicken to ask, that’s when things become real, but anyway I started to feel the strongest feeling of being watched (I feel it now).

It began to consume my thoughts. I would fear just sitting at home and doing my everyday things. It was watching me/us through the vents in the ceiling. When I took naps at home I’d have outer body experiences where I’d float up to the vent, and I would be watching my family doing their everyday things while I sleep in the chair. One day I finally became tired of being afraid. I wanted to know if I was right or just going crazy.

Anyway I laid down on the floor right below the vent and just stared into it. I expected to see nothing, but unfortunately what I saw was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen, it’s face was like a gargoyle and its body was small and dark. It looked at me as if it wanted to kill me, then as quickly as it showed itself it went away. I never looked in the vent again, but that moment sparked a chain of events in my life. From there on whenever I closed my eyes I would see things, peoples faces, people standing in doorways or giant teeth coming at me.

I began to experience sleep paralysis on a regular basis (probably from stress) sometimes I would see a green light flashing from the corner of my eye coming from the vent. Other times I heard rolling across the ceiling right across my bed. I began to do strange things. While watching TV I’d finish the sentences (when I’ve never seen the show before), it would freak my sister out. I have a strong sense of what people were thinking before they said anything (I became antisocial) people became draining to me.

My senior year another wonderful event occurred. I was talking to my best friend at 2 in the morning when all of a sudden I heard a baby crying out side of my window. It kept screaming in a horrible way that it wanted its mommy over and over again, then I heard a cat scream as if it crossed paths with the baby and the baby won because as soon as the cat was silent the baby started with its mommy calls even louder. I woke my cousin up to see what was out there (because I was a scared coward) but he didn’t see anything. How can a small baby get away within a span of a few minutes? My neighborhood is no mystery if you run away we will see and find you. Anyway whoever this baby is it has followed me to every house I have ever lived in, always a child at 2 or 3 in the morning screaming or playing, and when I get someone to go see what it is (because I’m chicken) they never find anything.

Also something is always watching me. It feels like a presence behind me, it comes close then drifts away, its always there no matter where I am or what I’m doing sometimes it feels like many sometimes it feels like one. I can feel when something electronic is on even if I cant hear it (this has to be common, it has to be something every one can feel). If I’m leaving the house I’ll tell my husband the TVs still on even though the screens dark, same with radios, can be in any room in the house. I can feel it like a huge beacon.

Once, when I was half asleep my friend came over, he was talking to me but when I responded it was with my mind. After a few hours I finally woke up fully I asked him if that really happened and he said yes, he has no reason to lie because he’s not that clever. These things are simply interesting compared to what has been happening recently, but I’ll just leave it like this.

I really want to know if I’m some sort of high functioning nut job, or if anything I say rings a bell with anyone. I’ve mostly ignored a lot of what’s happened to me in life as far strange things go, but I’m beginning to fear the present. At times it feels as if someone else is looking through my eyes, my mind becomes cloudy as if I’m floating, and I look at things as if its the first time I’ve ever seen them.

One night, when I was in bed with my eyes closed about to fall asleep, I felt a strong feeling of being watched. When I opened my eyes standing above was a small furry horned thing. It walked on two legs and seemed intelligent. As soon as I opened my eyes it ran away as if it were afraid of me and disappeared into the wall.

On more then one occasion I have felt drowsy once I laid in bed as if I were drugged then I’d see the clear form come lay down on my throat and begin to feel as if I’m strangling but I’m not afraid. Then I will see this face flash before, always angry looking but this does not scare me either, in fact I always feel quite wonderful and then I fall into a dream but it feels more like a series of hallucinations. It always feels as if I’m being pulled from one scene to the next. Faces I’ve never seen before with evil horror behind their eyes.

I have so many stories but this is more then enough. Something’s off with me and my spirit is becoming to weak to ignore and fight much longer. It feels like something wants my life. Suggestions please

Sent in by TolerableTyrant, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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5 Responses to “Strange Things are Happening to Me”
  1. carri williams says:

    put on a cross. go to church pray to Jesus for help. This sounds evil.

  2. Anonymous says:

    HI, I’m johnnie I just read your story I don’t know how religous you are but I think you need to seek spiritual guidence,and quik! from what I understand demons are nothing to take lightly, and not to say that you are doing that, read up on it google it, I have never had anything like that happen but something close. demons are soul eaters,destroyers and will stop at nothing to claim it, if you look back at a story I put up about demon dog,from what I found out that is one way demons can enter is through dreams, but you can not ignore it if you know it’s there you don’t have to ask what it wants you allready know! they draw strength in your weakness and fear that’s how it becomes stronger, and you also can be a sensitive as well and can be a beakcon to spirts and demons, but either way you still have to have no fear and have control,there are sites you can go to that can tell you what you need to do or what you need to say inorder to help you , I don’t go to church but I do believe in God and his son Jesus christ, one of the most common question asked is have you or any one in your family play or have played with is wiji board or dabbeled in black magic or witchcraft or the occult they say those are usual signs for evil entities or demons to come and dwell. and I understand that you said you don’t believe in ghosts but you believe in demons and I ‘m not putting it down because that is your belief and I respect that, but I feel if there are demons then there are ghosts because your soul is a spirit,and we call them ghosts because they have not moved on to the spirit world they want to linger here or don’t know they are dead and need to move on,, but any way I hoped I could help you out a little with what I knew.

  3. harry potterfan says:

    i looked this up because my friend is experiencing things that i can’t explain.
    i’m 12 and my friend is the same, i know what demons are and i have read books and movies but i am really concerned for my friend. With experiences of nightmares, being touched, hearing noises and practically being scared in her own home. she tried opening the bible to look for guidence and whatever this was grabbed her arm and pulled it back away from the bible. any ideas what i should say?

  4. Moya says:

    If you ask me, I think there is someting inside you. sounds like it. i know someone who has these same experience and we know she has someting inside her, pray and ask for these thing s to leave you body and for them to leave you alone,

  5. Sladra says:

    Wow. I know how you feel to a degree. I often know how people are feeling without them saying or showing it (certain friends of mine always act cheerful, and I can still call them out on being depressed or angry) and I think you’re one of the first people who I can relate to exactly via the being watched all the time/drifting away feeling.

    The rest of your story, though, sounds incredibly dangerous. You’re obviously much stronger willed than you think if you can stave(sp?) off fear and panic. I’m sure if I were you, I would have been sent to the loony bin by now. I can honestly say I’ve never seen a demon, and knock on wood, never intend to.

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