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Strange Sounds and Paralyzed in my Sleep

Posted on March 29, 2010

When I was 13, and alone at the house, I was on my computer downstairs talking to my friend on aim. My dog was in the house with me and he kept barking like crazy so I went to see if he needed to go out but I just saw him staring at some blank spot on the carpet. I figured it was a bug or something so I just went back to the computer. A few minutes later I saw a blue light shining from upstairs. I immediately figured it was just the TV so I left that also.

Hours later I went into my parents room to get the phone. The thing you need to know about my parents room is they have a mirror on every wall, above their bed and on the headboard of their bed. I’m already afraid of the dark so I could have been imagining things but what I “saw” when I looked in the mirror at the dresser was what looked like someone is a white dress with blonde hair laying across one of the corners of the bed on their side with their arms over their head. It was very quick because as soon as I thought I saw that I ran out of the room and called my friend crying and her dad came and picked me up. I checked the room when he and my friend were there and there was nothing on the bed but the gold comforter so that made me even more uneasy. This, however, is not the “paranormal encounter” I was truly terrified of.

What really scared me was when I was 15 and I was sleeping in my bed. Everything happened quickly and at once but these are the details. I hear a really low and loud sound like a really low drum maybe and it was about every 3 seconds I think. But it kept getting louder like it was getting closer to me. And I remember my heart racing and wanting to cry but not being able to and that’s when I realized that I was completely stiff, my teeth clenched together and my fists clenched. I was freaked out about not being able to get up or yell and the sound was just not helping the situation. I felt a pressure on my right arm as if someone was grabbing me and got really scared and just kept saying “oh god oh god” in my head afraid of what was happening. After I felt that though I was able to move again and I fell out of bed and stumbled down the stairs. It wasn’t until I was able to move again that I noticed I hadn’t been breathing throughout that entire thing but I was crying and trying to breathe as I left the room. My brother in law was asleep on the couch so he hopped up and ran to me but I couldn’t really speak because of the crying.

A week later it happened again but this time I didn’t hear the noise or feel anything but the stiffening of my body and shaking got worse and I was more aware of the fact that I couldn’t breathe or move. After it happened that time my mom took me to the hospital. They did too many tests to count making sure it wasn’t seizures (which my brother had when he was younger) or anything psychological. They had me hooked up to a machine while I slept to check for brain patterns but didn’t fine anything so told my mom it could be night terrors but that I was perfectly fine.

A month later though when I was at my friends house and sleeping in the bed with her it happened again but with a lot of differences. My teeth didn’t clench, I still didn’t hear a sound or feel a presence but I did see someone at the end of the bed. It was dark so I couldn’t make out features but I wasn’t that afraid because we were sleeping in her brothers bed so I figured it was him coming home from his dads. Another difference was I was able to move my right leg a few inches because I had been trying to get it to move towards my friend to wake her up. When I COULD move I woke her up and told her what happened but then she got scared and woke up her mom because I guess her brother was gone for the weekend so he couldn’t have been there.

I consider myself slightly paranoid with anything paranormal so I can’t say it was ghost or anything. Especially since it didn’t occur at the same place each time. And my mother’s only explanation was that it could be a demon and told me if it ever happened again to repeat Jesus’ name in my head (or out loud if possible). It never happened again after that but, since I found this site and the doctors couldn’t tell me anything, I thought maybe someone else had an idea of what may have happened. Please let me know if you do. Thank you.

Sent in by Christie, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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23 Responses to “Strange Sounds and Paralyzed in my Sleep”
  1. amyjo says:

    ive read, and watched alot about demons. i think this was probably a demon.i think this becausse ghosts usually haunt a certain home or object, but because it happened when you were at your friends house aswell as your home, it was a demon.

  2. anna says:

    no offence but i dont really think it was anything.if it was you shouldnt worry to much.if u havent really seen it again.if you do let us know but if not dont worry so much.then youll just go crazy.thanks.

  3. anna says:

    caretaker- how come when we leave a comment without putting our name in the box it doesnt show what we say when we submit it.but when we have our name or whatever it shows our comment is awaiting right away.curious ,wondering.

  4. MARY says:

    Yes , it happens but not that frequently , it happened to me maybe three times in my whole life, until the last few months then it happened EVERY month or so three times in a row and I was able to move completely as soon as the hub woke up. i have what they call an attachment , I was blessed with HOLY OIL in the sign of the cross on my head and it has ceased for now. Praying is right PRAY ALOUD IN YOUR HEAD WITH EVERY STITCH OF YOUR FAITH , let it know that you are not for sale and neither is your spirit or soul. I feel this is not normal but paranormal because of the frequency , this happens (sleep paralysis) to approx 70 % of the population at least once but not many times in a row. At least that is my experience. I Ghost hunt and I brought home a very angry spirit who wants to hurt my kids , they don’t need to be demons to be dangerous. It has thrown me down causing a miscarriage and thrown my 7 month old down the steps in his walker with me less than three feet from him. we have EVP’s of him , he wants a mommy so me having more children is not in his plan hence the shove and he hates my children , he hurts them , shakes their beds , etc. We are having a cleansing with our group MCPS and a priest. I will eventually tell my whole story. I can help others but it is not easy when your own home is invaded. This has been here for almost four years now and I just woke up to it a few months ago when I felt the shove and heard the tape we left in the wee ones room. God Bless (Whatever God you pray to ) , Peace and light and find a group in your area , get that thing out of their before you have a bad story to tell like we do PLEASE. BLESSINGS , MARY

  5. steph says:

    This is the first story I have read on here and fully related to. Over the past 4 months, I have had stuff like this happen to me on a regular basis. I have read the comments with people saying to pray and stuff, but I am not religious!! What on earth do you do! I have a family that do not belive in the paranormal, but I have seen so many strange things I have to belive!

    • MARY says:

      steph , if you don’t mind me prying what are you experiencing and I am NOT that person who thinks a ghost is behind every happening which isn’t easily explained as a Ghost Hunter we keep a level head . But if you see this and would please let me know the things you are experiencing , I can see if they are the same as our experiences and maybe we can help each other. That is why we are here right. Blessings to you and yours , PEACE ALWAYS MARY

  6. blondie says:

    You were experiencing ‘sleep paralysis’, there lots of information about it on the internet, i too have experienced it.
    With regard to your first story, i think that maybe you were nervous before you went into your parents room and so made your self jump when you thought you saw something in the mirror!
    I have had times when strange things have been going on and it is in the back of my mind throught out the day so much so that i have jumped when i have caught my own reflection!- silly but strange things going on can make you very edgy!

  7. jay says:

    Yeah, blondie’s right. It’s definitely sleep paralysis. I’ve been having the same experiences since I was kid. People tell me all the time, oh it’s demons, or aliens, or ghosts…I don’t think so. It happens so frequently with me so maybe that’s why I’ve, for lack of a better term, advanced with it. My experiences usually have black misty beings, or shadows in them and come with a sense of down right horror. But, I have been able to break out of this once or twice and when I did I could completely control what was going on. But I’m no doctor, so I’m not going to claim to have the answers, just wanted to share an opinion and let you know that you’re not the only person going through this kind of stuff.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ive actually had that paralyzed feeling. Sometimes you can move and sometimes you cant. Sometimes im sitting, sometimes im laying down. Its only happened like 3or 4 times, but each time is memorable. i never attributed it to ghosts tho. That is pretty creepy!

    • MARY says:

      hELLO ANONYMOUS! I don’t think that every paralized dream is paranormal. See when i could not move in the past it was just scary but eventually I got the feeling back into my limbs and just blew it off.

      The reason I believe at this point that it is a ghost is because this thing has climbed into bed and curled up kind of like seeking warmth as a small child would. I saw the covers rise and saw the thing get in bed , I desperaately tried to speak but could not I was wide awake I dug my fingernails into my husbands arm (keep in mind it took 10 LONG minutes to be able to move that arm and as he got up the covers fell.

      The second time was approx a week later I felt my husband cuddle up to me and put his arm across my stomach ,this is something he does almost every night HOWEvER, I could only move my eyes so I knew IT was there again , and what I saw took all the breath out of me. My hub was sleeping the OTHER way away from me with his back to me. The arm that was around me was NOT his I tried to move my arm with all of my will and felt the ARM which was nothing , I felt nothing with my arm just a heaviness on my belly. It was asexual like a child again trying to get some comfort. So again 10 minutes I push my hand towards my hubs back and stick my nails in him. Poof heaviness gone , covers drop.

      The last time my husband was already gone to work it sat on me and tried to choke me I prayed to Mary and Archangel Michael and it let go and flew around the room really fast ,hard to catch a glimps sp? of it so I again spent what seemed like hours to reach the lamp pull and soon as the light came on , again POOF> I know I was awake , we have eVPs of this Entity wanting a mother figure or so it says , I am cynical and do not believe everything is paranormal.

      As I said at the start here was the first few times I woke up before my body did which is Sleep Paralysis nothing was in bed with me or trying to hurt me I just could not move which is very scary in it’s own right. But , these last few times I have seen this Entity ,not for the first time but certainly MUCH CLOSER than I want to be to it. So you may just have woken up in your mind and your body lagged a bit giving you that can’t move feeling. It does not mean it’s paranormal . Does that make any sense , I hope I explained it well. BLESSINGS AND LIGHT MARY

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sleep paralisis. It could be a ghost or it could be the symtom

  10. angela says:

    yeah i too have had sleep paralysis, u get whats described as drumming or whizzing sound in your ears ,wen it happens to me its a rushing sound and the only way to describe it is that it makes you feel very uncomforable, my teeth were clenched and my fists clenched also the first time it happened, u cannot move and your trying so hard to move to wake yourself up, i had to stay awake for about 15/20 mins or i would just go straight back into this state and its very frightening, most of the time u dont even know what your scared of, its just very common to feel that way. I researched online and read books about it after it had been happening for a couple of years, i would also feel like if i let it carry on something terrible would happen, like i would start fitting or sumthing. some aspects of sleep catalepsy are explainable and some are not, they do not know enuf about it yet. But, i would hear things, i could hear rachel and joey from ‘friends’ having a conversation, i heard really old fashioned music then a song that was paul mcartneys vioce, but a song he has never sung and doesnt exist, it was quite good n catchy tune :) but it drives me mad wen i cant sleep for it n y does it mostly happen wen im on my own, i dont think about it b4 i try to sleep it just happens out of the blue. Also ive tried so hard to move that im convinced i popped outta my own body, ive kinda gently fallen face down onto the floor, n i can remember the feeling of carpet hairs tickling my nose. the first time, my ankles were crosed n it was really uncomfortable, i tried to uncross them and did eventually, i opened my eyes slighly and was astonishe dwen they were still crossed, i moved my leg, it was likemoving through thick treacle and there was a slight shimmery outline were it felt my leg was. after that i looked into it. In my opinion a lot of its in your head, the feeling of terror etc but there are some aspects that connot b explained by just brain activity, i do believe in astral projection and i believe u can do it wen ur in a state of catalepsy. it was all far too real, and really freaked me out, maybe im nuts or something i wish there were more people that talked about it.

  11. James says:

    Definately sleep paralasys. sleep paralasys occurs during REM (rapid eye movement) its the deepest part of your sleep, basically your body releases a chemical into your spinal chord, paralysing you so that you dont act out your dreams, symptoms can be hallucinations, incrediably lucid dreas and full on paralasys, african cultures reffer to it as the devil on your back and sometimes you think you will be being choked or someone is applying pressure to your chest. there is no point going to a dr as they will only reccomend sleeping pills(which trust me odnt help). The only thing you can really do is just understand that you are not in any physical danger and then start to take the experience in. I have them quiet often and I know when I try to go to sleep if i will get them. there are actually ways to induce the experience. i.e drinking lots of dairy, disturbing your sleep pattern and tricking your body into thinking your asleep. To be honest you have gone completely the wrong route about understanding this, it does seem paranormal but to be honest you are quiet fortunate, not many people get these and it really gives you a strong perpecvtive on reality, hope this helps, I think you should definately check this up online. I have been getting them now for about 12 years and I have gotten so used to them, another side effect is the lucid dreams which are brilliant, if you understand that you are having an REM SP then you can kind of influence your dreams.

  12. James says:

    …mary she really isn’t possesed, like 1 in a 100 people get this, and there actually is alot known about it, hell people can get a degree on psychological sleep disorders, trust me everybody -No Ghosts- just a sleep disorder, all of your completely unexplanable stories are explanable through the fact that REM SP causes hallucinations and lucid dreams( lucid dreams being that your dream is so realistic you are forced to believe it and sometimes you maybe wake up on the floor or whatever0, but seriously REM SP (rapid eye movement sleep paralasys). look into it its really interesting and if you dont get them you can make yourself get them.

  13. jiovani rodriguez says:

    Just today i got “paralyzed”. i was asleep in my bed when all of asudden..i felt my blanket move upward. as if someone were to get under the covers with me to sleep with me. i thought i was just dreaming..untill i felt poking at my back. my dog started howling and ive heard when dogs see demons or ghosts they howl. i know for a fact that it wasnt a reall person because im only 13 and i share bunk beds with my little brother. and im on the top bunk. as the poking at my back continued a “numb” or “cold” feeling came over my whole body. then i find myselfe in a complete “paralyzed” stage. i tried to say some prayers..but with every word i said..the “cold numb” feeling grew more and eventually hurt allot. i couldnt get half way through my prayer because of how much it hurt. i know i was awake through this whole thing because i heard my sister come home lait that knight and i had my eyes open..blinking as hard as i can to make sure i was awake. the cold numbness feeling eventually went away. i was able to say my prayers and finnally move. i then felt the poking at my back again. i moved a little and it went away..later on the poking at my back came back. i moved and it went away. i didnt sleep at all that knight..i know i didnt because i never woke up and i saw my mom wake up and take a shower that morning..never before have i woken up before my mom. thats how i knew i was awake throught this whole knight as well. not to menchun that we live about 20 feet away from a cemtery..

  14. jiovani rodriguez says:

    but through out this whole knight i felt a presents in my room…i hope this is the first and last time this happens. if anyone has suggestions or facts of this “paralyzation” please let me know…thank you

  15. Nat says:

    I am having sleep paralysis very often (at least 3 times a year) for about 15 years. It had started out of the big stress I had once… Usually it comes in the same way: drumming sound in my ears, inability to move body or make any sound. I ‘ve seen shade in a shape of a face just above me in a time of that paralysis. Usually when it happens i am repeating in my mind ” go away” words to all that and raise in myself strong spirit and no fear like i am not afraid of that whatever it is and i feel it works as it is going away. When it started 15 years ago i thought i was going crazy and got very scared, not like now. Sometimes to clear my room i light candles before sleeping time and that helps not to have it. Probably candles from church will be working the best.

  16. Elliott says:

    I’ve had the exact same problem

    This is the first time I’ve ran across other people dealing with it

    In my situation I would love to be able to label it as sleep paralysis, but there has been too many hauntings I’ve experienced alone and with friends that leads me to believe there is something more to it.

  17. Anonymous says:

    ive had it too. I was sleeping on my stomach and I felt a presence on top of me. It tries to grab my breast and touch me. I couldn’t move or wake up but i know I wasn’t asleep and this was not a dream, I called out to God and demanded that it get off of me. It happened again only this time i called out and said “in the name of Jesus I pour the blood of Christ over my body, then i said in anger in this paralyzed dream like state get off of me right one. you cant have me i am a child of God! It flew off me and never returned. This was three years ago, and recently my 16 yr old son said he felt a presence and paralysis… please dont say its sleep paralysis there is something else to this other than physiological….

  18. helen says:

    I had a familiar experience too.I think it was 6am and i just woke up and i realized that i couldn’t move or speak.I was paralyzed my whole body was paralyzed….I could only move my eyes.I was so scared and i couldn’t call anybody to help me.It was like somebody was holding me down so i thought that it would be a good idea relax and make positive thoughts. It actually worked !! That happend to me twice and i think it might had been a presence and not my imagination.

  19. D says:

    Oh my god, I’ve had too many of these to count, I always have felt so alone and that no one understands me. Tonight I was 1/4 asleep I’d just gotten up to go to the bathroom and then got back into bed, the window was open and the shade string had been making noise with the wind so with my frustaration I wrapped it around my lamp so it’d stay put. There was no possible way for it to continue making noise but it did, and my hand began to feel an overwhelming sensation of pain and like it was being taken over, I felt something there something was about to happen and I could tell but I still tried to tell myself it was nothing. Then about a second later a breathing voice was right inside my ear and it began frantically saying things in a terrifying hostile enraged manner about a mile a second in speed. I am freaked out, ive been dealing with things like this for a very long time but it’s been quote a while since I’ve been bothered like this. Everywhere I move I get harrassed so I’m not sure if it’s a ghost and I’ve been paralyzed tons of times, touched in my sleep mainly like a jolt to my butt. I’ve been in a coma where I can see my body sleeping in the dark and my spirit is above on the ceiling watching myself, I almost died in this experience it really did seem this way. I couldn’t scream for help ir anything for 15 minutes or longer, everything about it was so real, and everytime I tried physically grabbing I would float and not materialize touch and there was a dark evil presence trying to harm me. There are other experiences where I was paralyzed and could not breathe I was suffocating in my sleep and I’d hear voices. Another night I was 15 and just had gotten into bed so I wasn’t dreaming at all.. I heard claws on my wood floor and I got scared and fully covered myself with the blanket, this thing started up this noise like a machine or something like wom wom wom wom it just kept getting faster and faster then closer and closer and the faster it was the louder, it attacked me kept slamming into where my head was and stomach. I used my arms to hold the blanket up to offer protection. I screamed sooo loud the care taker came in my room and we turned the light on and searched for the thing but it was nowhere in sight, although we could still hear clawing on the floor… There wasn’t anywhere it could go..sooo scary. Anyone have any opinions of why I may have gone through all of this? How I can make it stop…?

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