Strange Shadowy Black Bat Like Creature

Posted on June 11, 2011

This is a “true story”. I know that people won’t believe me, but I really saw this bat like unrealistic shadowy creature.

I can’t remember exactly what time, but it happened about 3 years ago on one afternoon when I went to meet my aunt-in law at the Noble bookstore cafe’ to talk about my problems that I was having with my husband when he had an affair with another woman.

While we were talking, all of a sudden this strange creature came out of my aunt. It looked somewhat like the ones that guards in front of a haunted house (I really don’t know what to call them), but it was some kind of shadowy black bat like creature coming right out of my aunt-in law while I was talking to her during afternoon time at Noble book store caf�.

This unknown figure gotten bigger and bigger as it started to come towards me and hissed at me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. (My aunt is a Christian and she is very strong believer in Jesus, and goes to church several times a week, she has never been married and gives prayers for other people). It really freaked me out but why it came out of her I still can’t understand. I was in state of a shock, but I wasn’t so scared because it happened so suddenly.

I would like to know if anybody else has ever experienced anything like this or heard of anything like this?
I still can’t figure it why this creature came out of her. Do you have any explanation to this? Please let me know.

Sent in by Christine, Copyright 2011

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14 Responses to “Strange Shadowy Black Bat Like Creature”
  1. Mary says:

    I read about a similiar experience on another ghost website (I wish I could remember which one…). As I recall, the woman who sent it in met up with a friend of hers at a bar and as she was talking to him, a little black imp-like creature came out of him and sat on his shoulder. He seemed completely oblivious to it, but it really scared her. I think she said he was into drugs and other unfortunate things (maybe the occult), not like your aunt, so she attributed it to his unfortunate lifestyle. I saw something black that appeared to be going back into someone’s eyes (my story is on this website as “Black eyes”) and it really scared me. That was on a sunny Sunday morning in a parking lot on our way back from church. I can’t think of anything good that would attach itself to someone like that.

  2. carri williams says:

    Even though your aunt is good the evil spirit could have entered into her. you saw an evil spirit. you should warn her. tell her to put on a cross. you should also wear one. sometime preachers can see evil spirits like you did. beware the thing could hurt you. I do not think you should go around this woman for a while.

  3. manss says:

    if really you have seen that apart of the fun and hobby it may has been a demon or even devil himself.

  4. jacibo says:

    i think that this women may have been attacked/possed (call it what you will) by this entitie because she is a strong believer in god and jesus and maybe the creature targeted her because it does not like jesus or god.

  5. Moya says:

    What do you mean it came out of her? like through her mouth? I believe u i just dont understand that part, I have heard of thing come out of people, like this one time my grandfather was praying for this woman that was wierd and she vomited a black hairy ball out her mouth when he was praying for her, and then she started to want to climb the walls of the place they were at, but like I said the vomited this thing out her mouth,
    crazy stuff.

  6. aaron says:

    i belive ur aunt may be possessed by the gargoyle

  7. Skylark says:

    I have the same question as Moya, HOW did it come out of her? I also have a two more questions: did your aunt react to it in any way, or did she act as if she couldn’t see or feel it? And my last question, I don’t want you thinking I’m trying to be rude or anything but, were you drinking or on a medication/drug of some kind? Because hallucinations can happen and I’m just trying to think of every possibilty of why you would see that. Anyways, I enjoyed reading it!

  8. manss says:

    Me seems Christine say what she has seen. I have some experience about that. Some time you can see an evil that is inside a person for example you feel she/he has some long and sharp teeth (like tiger) or feel a half of his head has no hair or half of her/his face has no eyebrow or his eyes are devilish or has some long and incisive nails etc because devil can not hide himself and his animosity wholly and finally he show himself at a time to say I’m here. his house is some human’s heart. The hearts that are empty of love light , peace and mercy. heart must be god’s home but devil influence in it and make it dark and don’t allow arrive god’s light in it. such heart become hard like a stone rather harder than it. I think her aunt is hide – selfish . she love herself instead of god .she wishes people know her a righteous and favorite person without she be so , and this is a good pretext for devil to influence into a human soul.

  9. K. Smith says:

    Anyone can claim to be a Christian. Some of the most famous Christian television evangelist with thousands of followers are some of the most corrupt and ungodly fake Christians on the planet.

    The bible states that not all those who say Lord, Lord will enter heaven. I am sure if you research and dig deep enough you find out some interesting things about your aunt in law. For this powerful demonic spirit to just come out of her and reveal itself to you and for you to actually see it means that there are open doorways in both of you.

    Demon spirits just don�t reveal themselves to just anyone. One must have some open doorway for them walk through and I am guessing that you also possess some doorway the demon saw and that is the reason why it manifested itself to you.

  10. drake says:

    I’ve been a shaman for some time now and have seen many types of possession but their is one sure fire way to find a possessing spirit, a way i’ve come to learn first hand that it works (i was the one the spirit attacked) take an 8 oz. glass of water have her drink it all, then have her eat a 1 tsp (teaspoon) of salt, just salt nothing else if it causes her moderate to severe pain she has a dark spirit attached to her but be careful it may defend itself. i’m sorry it’s cruel but it works plus it weakens the dark spirit because the salt is pure the spirit is not

  11. Anonymous says:

    Please contact a Priest that specializes in removing evil spirits. Demons can enter anyone who is going through a traumatic experience. These demons are usually present in a person who has been sexually assaulted in some way. It is very strong and can only be abolished by the name of Jesus Christ. It is taunting you and daring you to do something. Once a demon knows you…they will never leave…this means you as well. I have seen them materialize out of faces and fade back in…like a grey mist. This could mean both of your lives.

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