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Strange Life For A Child

Posted on June 9, 2009

I am 11 years old and since I was tiny I have been contacted by the un-human, as it were. The first weird thing is that before I was born my mum went to the hospital with my dad to see the doctors about being pregnant and stuff. When the doctors finally told her what date she was supposed to have been impregnated it seemed a normal date but when my mum got home she looked at the date card and she figured out that the date when my mum and dad were supposed to have, well y’no, my dad was in California on holiday! My mum also recalled that, that night she saw flashing lights outside her bedroom spooky!

I am quite young so I have not been contacted that often. The most recent I can recall was the other night. I was in my room just about to go to sleep with the lights off minding my own business when I looked up (remember the lights were off) to see a tall man at my doorway. He looked at me then walked over to me. I thought it was my mums boyfriend come in to say good night so I said “hi, Peter.” He didn’t answer then he kissed me on the head! I didn’t know whether to be scared or excited, the man then suddenly disappeared this happened the few nights after as well.

I was at a castle at Gorey (I live in the Channel Islands, Jersey to be precise) and there is a chapel there with a speaker. I went in with my brother and his friend ( at the time they were about 6 – 7) and they heard the speaker and ran out, it must have scared them. My mum said “Cleo we’re gonna go up to the well, we will see you in a minute!” I replied “ok!”

I was in the chapel and I said, If there is anything in here will you make yourself known? (bare in mind I am 11 and there was no-one else in there). The speakers turned off! I was shocked but nothing prepared me for what I was about to experience. I was just sitting down after the speakers had turned off and I felt a bit un-easy I shrugged it off and was about to get up and leave when I heard faint muffled whispering, it got louder and louder until I heard what it was saying. It was saying softly but very firmly “GET OUT!” I ran up to my mum who was in shock and was trying to help me. I was crying and shaking and I couldn’t speak for about 10 minutes until I calmed down and told my mum. This happened a couple of weeks ago now and we still haven’t told the castle’s workers.

I hope you enjoyed these stories, Please comment.

Sent in by Cleo, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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12 Responses to “Strange Life For A Child”
  1. curyn says:

    i am 13 and i believe ur psychic i am the exact same way but instead of once in awhile its every day and at any time even at school people think i am crazy and i hav no friends and they don’t know i am psychic even my mom denys it ur lucky ur mom helps but mine separates me from everyone in the house

  2. Karen says:

    You’re dad went to california on holiday without your mom? Wait till you get a little older and I’m sure you’ll have some questions!

  3. zainab says:

    maybe, Mr Curyn and Cleo,you have been blessed with a gift so use it wisely and no matter you don’t have friends, you can always express yourself on this site and we all will be always there.

  4. Charlotte says:

    hey Im 12, Cleo I Live in the u.k.. Have U Heard of Shrewsbury? coz i live there, obv… lol.. Karen I Know what ur saying lmfao!

  5. Holly says:

    Clear some stuff up for me, ok? You were talking about how your dad was away during the time your mom got pregnant, but then later on you mentioned your mom boyfriend….did your parents split up because your dad thought your mom had cheated on him?? Thats pretty rotten of him if so.
    I love hearing these experiences.
    My husband and I are military, and we just moved to Leominster, Mass, about a month ago, I was driving by a huge cemetary, and it was like someone else started driving my car, I turned into the cemetary, and drove to an area I didn’t know existed, I got out and walked a couple of feet to find a name I didn’t know, but it bugged me for a long time….like I SHOULD know this person…I looked him up on ancestery.com, and it turnes out we are related, and he was from the south but fighting for the north. He died in the war and they buried him there……how wierd is THAT!!

  6. Jen says:

    Well, hon, i’m 14, and i belive that some teenagers have been given the 3rd eye, the 6th sence, whatever….(why can’t they pick a name for it?) But a spirit wantening to be left alone, you did the right thing, i’ve had things thrown at me before, you really did the right thing by walking away. :) i really liked you’re storys.

  7. Jenny says:

    KAREN! OMG! LMAO! LOL Thanks for cracking me up!! Perfectly worded too! LOL

  8. zoe says:

    someone help me! i have always felt that there is a presense in my room and the other night my mom told me that my grandpa that died when she was 16 died IN MY ROOM! i sometimes see and hear things and and i ALWAYS feel stuff at night. i have always known that it was just my room because thats the only place that i feel and see and hear stuff(besides my bathroom,i saw a ghost there). i am psychic and i think that may have something to do with it cause i have been to other places and felt things. i am also 13. and since i was about 12 and a half i have been more psychic, or however u want 2 say it. I NEED HELP!!!

  9. jessica says:

    Ok ii think your name is cleo,well anyway cleo you didnt explain the story well and ii didnt get it,anyway i dont beilive your story and dont take it personal but i dont beilive in ghosts like your story ii sorta dont beilive thatt a ghost would actually harm you like that so personally dont be scaredd.Sorry boutt your luckk-But im just not falling ferr your storyy.
    ohh and i would like too know what happened at the begging of the story what you meant by your mom looking at the date card..??But anywayy bye*

  10. halle says:

    zoe chances are the spirit in your bedroom is just your grandpa so you don’t need to get all worked up over it but if your ever feeling uneasy you can just politley ask who ever it is to leave or you can ask your angels to help you they’re alwase there all you need to do is ask another thing you can do is bubbling just picture in you minds eye being surounded by a bubble made up of gold or white light and fill that bubble with happy thoughts and feelings this can help protect you praying helps to no matter what religion you are faith is a powerfull thing

  11. tyra says:

    im 11 too! creepy story…..

  12. lola says:

    i think im also phychic 2 cuz one night i had a dream about this yellow red house over nd over….then it turns out that we moved into a yellow red house…and i still have dreams like that …it dometomes scares me cuz u neva noe wat might happen.

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