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Strange Happenings all My Life

Posted on September 13, 2009

I remember dealing with strange happenings from the time I was about twelve. For the longest time it was my mom, two sisters, my brother and I.

One summer my mom met a man and would often leave us with our older sister while they went out. We were watching TV one night and my brother had fallen asleep. When all of a sudden I’m like do you guy’s hear that? My sisters are like what? I told them that someone was running a bath upstairs. They were like yeah right. I told them no really I do. I got so upset my older sister got a butcher knife from the kitchen and said come on we will go see what it is. So all three of us girl’s went up turned on the bathroom light and…nothing. The tub was bone dry my older sister got mad at me cause I had scared her so badly.

We were just drifting off when my little sister says quietly, you guys what is that noise. It sounded almost like someone jumping on the bed. This time my older sister ran upstairs to check. Again nothing. There were other little things like toys being moved. More playful than scary.

Around this time my little brother started waking up at night screaming that the hands were going to get him. I mean bloodcurdling screams. You know those big black garbage bags? He would say it sounded like they were in one of those.

Shortly after that we moved and things calmed down for awhile. We lived in brand new apartments, nice neighborhood. We had a dad, nothing could go wrong, right? Wrong I couldn’t sleep at night cause it sounded like someone was whispering. I got jumpy and irritable, and my mom and I started to argue a lot. About this time my mom and dad would lock my little sister and I out of our room to go through our things. I guess they must have thought I was doing drugs. Also my mom got mean towards me, it was like she couldn’t stand the sight of me. As awful as it sounds its true.

We moved yet again into my grandmas old house. Not a whole lot happened there. My dad swore he woke up in the middle of the night and saw two heads floating in the air. My little brother was found on my bedroom floor repeatedly, but would never say why. His room was always cold though. So maybe my grandpa was coming to visit.

We moved again, yes again. My parents could never stay in one place long. This place was really nice townhouses and a small complex. Maybe thirty buildings all together. Our whole family for once was getting along and my mom all of a sudden says Oh. We all looked at her she was shaking and pale as, well a ghost. Sorry no pun intended. Anyway she told us that she had seen a shadow on the stairs. A couple of weeks later we had all forgotten about it when my older sister looks up and screams. We were like what? She had seen the shadow this time, and none of us dismissed it so easily. As time passed we all saw our shadow man. He never did anything to harm or really scare us. More it was like he would startle you.

Then my little sister whom I didn’t really get along with at the time started begging me to sleep in her room. She wouldn’t tell me why, so I was always like no I don’t want to. Why sleep on the floor when I have a bed right? Years later our mom told me why, and the guilt, although its stupid I do feel it, eats at me to this day. I guess if she slept alone she would see shadows in her room. Her stereo used to turn on full blast. I remember she used to get in so much trouble our dad screaming at her for it. There were times where it felt like someone was in bed with her. She lived in terror for three years.

My older sister and I moved out, and my parents moved again. This time though my little sisters boyfriend moved in with them. So she didn’t have to sleep alone at night. It was a three story townhouse they lived in. Downstairs was the garage and a bedroom that’s where my little brother stayed. The middle floor was the kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom. Upstairs were two bedrooms and a bathroom. My sister had one room, my parents the other. My sister and mom watched a movie, while her boyfriend played video games with my brother one night. After the movie my sister went down and asked her boyfriend is he was ready for bed. He said yeah I will be up in just a minute. So my sister stopped and said goodnight to our mom. Then went up to bed. About 15 minutes later her boyfriend came upstairs angry, yelling at her why was she mad at him. She kept saying I don’t know what your talking about. I’m not mad at you. Both my brother and her boyfriend swore she had gone downstairs and said if you don’t come to bed now you can sleep on the couch. I guess she supposedly went off on him. Well my little sis said go ask mom, and when her boyfriend did my mom said no. The poor guy went white and started to shake. My little brother slept with them that night. I got lots more to tell but really need to get to bed. More soon.

Sent in by Miriah, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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7 Responses to “Strange Happenings all My Life”
  1. Cez says:

    Man that’s creepy, like for reals. I can’t imagine how ppl sleep at night being afriad and alert. You guys are tough! Much love for these accounts keep em coming! I wanna hear more!

  2. Karen M. says:

    Wow, that is strange it sounds more like something is following your family, if it keeps happening in all these different places, I grew up in a haunted house, but when I moved out nothing bizarre ever happened to me again, where do your parents live now? And is there any strange things going on where they live now?

  3. Sai Chan says:

    your ghost’s hauntings started before or after your mom dating your stepdad?

    It’s kind of complicated.
    I could only guess of what things appeared to be.

    The jumping on bed and moving of toys seemed like acts of a child.
    Sound of inside a garbage bag, could be just a kid’s playful thing, or corpse body-bagged might also project sound like that too.
    The ghost seemed to disrupt relationship within your family.
    Your quarrel with mother. Could also be a ghost feeling mistreated and avenge on people to have the same endurance she had.
    Your sister’s incident with her boyfriend and your brother, seemed to be haunting performed by a jealous female ghost.

    In your grandma’s house, your stepdad saw 2 heads. Could you tell me if he had an ex-wife and daughter?

    And then came out of a sudden, a shadow man, whom you all saw. Who and why was he there?
    Or he might be just a ghost attached to that house.

  4. qi qi says:

    wow dhats kind of scary i wudnt have made it the first i heard something!!!

  5. meli§a says:

    that is creepy! the creepiest was what happened with your little brother and sister’s boyfriend. keep us posted! thanks for the scary stories!

  6. swavy says:

    Probably the family who lived in the new apartment(when u heard kids) followed u around. it could be that they didn’t cross over and when they saw ur family it could have bin that they weren’t a close family or have bin in ur situation so they took it as a second chance explaining why ur mother acted strange(she was pozessed because the ghost probably thought she wasn’t tough enough on u) and your sista was pozessed because the ghost probably was angry at him and thought he wasn’t treating u right.

  7. Sarah.S says:

    Hello there, I didn’t read the last bit brcause I’m alone right now and I didn’t want to get scared because then I keep expecting something scary to jump out at me and have to hide in my bed. I get scared really easily. What I read was freaky though. I also have a question far Caretaker. I in my own story on this website but I don’t know if it has been posted yet. If it has could you let me know what category it is under now? I said my name was the name I have at the top of the comment. Also If the story sounded a bit out of order I was writing it in a hurry and might have left something out. Thanks

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