Strange Glowing Ball at Rio-Linda Park

Posted on August 4, 2009

When I was just 17 years old, my boyfriend and I went to a place called Rio-Linda Park. It was an eerie looking place attached to a Jr high school and it had a little stream running through it along with picnic benches and a baseball park. It was eerie because it was in the town of Rio-Linda and yet it seemed like it was no where near a town, it had beautiful trees and natural landscaping, but it had a lonely feel about it.

One night my boyfriend and I went there on a date, he thought it would be romantic to go there and look at the moon and listen to the trees sigh in the breeze, and the stream babble. When we arrived, I suggested that we go for a walk, out into the field that was across one of the two bridges, it was a brilliant night, the moon was full, and I really wanted to enjoy it.

He agreed, we started across the last bridge when all of a sudden he said looking up in to the sky what’s that?� I looked up and I saw a glowing ball behind some clouds that had appeared. We kept looking at it for awhile when all of a sudden the most brilliant beautiful moon beam came out from the cloud that was covering the ball. I gasped because it was so beautiful, but instead of approaching quickly like a moon beam does, this one came very slowly, it was bizarre how slow it came down from the ball of light.

As it was approaching us, my boyfriend ran back across the bridge and stopped and started to call me to come on and run. I ignored him because I had never had such an experience in my life and I wanted to see it through to the end. I think I was actually mesmerized by the beautiful light, it was fascinating, it had every color of the rainbow in the beam and then some.� It continued to approach, ever so slowly until it finally came to my eyes and it stopped when it hit my eyes. My boyfriend was watching this from a safe distance and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.� After the beam struck my face, it stopped and then ever so slowly started to go back up into the ball of light behind the clouds until it finally disappeared.

I have never told this story to anyone, I didn’t want them to think I was a nut job. But so help me god it is all true.� The boyfriend, when it finally disappeared, started screaming for me to come on, and that was when I came to my senses and started to run like hell. I was terrified after it was over, but during it I had this sense of well being that I cant explain.

Written by Hollie Permentar, Copyright 2009

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24 Responses to “Strange Glowing Ball at Rio-Linda Park”
  1. Garry says:

    You have been blessed perhaps

  2. eyepriestess says:

    That sounded like a fantastic experience, you’ll never forget it.

    What colour was the ball? I once saw something in the sky that was orange, but it wasn’t the sun as it started darting about very fast. I called my brother-in-law outside as he was staying with us. We watched together and then we lost sight of it. It was late afternoon/early evening time, so it was still light.

    Was yours orange?

  3. Sai Chan says:

    I have a lot of questions too, but it seems to be a story extracted from elsewhere, so author’s response will be forever waiting. The light that shone through in slow motion might have been the light from another dimension, the god’s territory, en-coated her with a touch of beam. It might be protecting the earthly soul who once was in the god’s zone as angel. Since she was in risky area, a bridge, the boundary, especially at both ends of the bridge, is usually infested with bewildered ghosts; and ghosts that were killed in accidents at this site also will haunt this place and can seriously maim.
    I have details following up too. But one of those stories is still withholding under the forum’s moderation. I’ll see if it suits its taste.
    Eyepriestess, about the orange ball that you saw, it was just a ghost form in unsteady state of rage, though not as intense as a red.

  4. Tiffanie says:

    My story is very much the same as yours. When I was a 10 year old l lived in Rio Linda,CA with my parents and also seen a glowing ball of light approach me and my child hood friends at night at my parents ranch on18th street in Rio Linda. All the girls were afraid but I just stood there as the glowing ball approached my face. After a few minutes the ball slowly moved away from my face and left like a boomerange traveling at a high speed down our drive way making a noice and scaring our horses. Then it disapeared into mid thin air. It was the wierdest thing I ever saw and the fact that it was a bright glowing perfect ball was amazing but also scary. Years later my parents moved back to Rio Linda and experienced silular situations but nothing the same as the glowing ball I saw as a child. so, no you were not crazy because I saw the a bright glowing ball too.

  5. Belisama Fire says:

    We moved to Rio Linda in the spring of 2009. We celebrated Samhain (the Celtic Feast of the Dead) on Nov. 6, 2010. We had the sacred space prepared, and somebody took photos. I just received a copy of the photos today and posted them. I noticed an odd round globe of light in the upper side of one of the photos. It was a Dark Moon that night. We can’t figure out what it was, whether it was a trick of the light or something else. I found this post because of another search I was doing and found the whole thing even more odd. This took place in the vicinity of 20th and G. I’m not sure if I can post a link to a photo on here.

  6. Belisama Fire says:

    I will try posting a link to a photo:

  7. Sai Chan says:

    Belisama Fire,
    my goodness, your photo is so clear I can see the big globe being a human ghost.

    Also that, at the left of the picture, under the line seems like another globe too, but that is too small and blurred.

    To see the face of the ghost of the big globe :
    enlarge the globe to the size of a tennis ball.
    The face is nearly as big and beside the globe.
    Move your head to your left hand side a bit, you can see the globe is covering half of the left face of the ghost.
    And the ghost has a pointed nose, thick lips.

  8. Sai Chan says:

    Belisama Fire,
    I should correct my saying that the ghost is a human-looking ghost.
    Because some aliens are human-looking.
    And some jinxs (non-human) are human-looking too.
    Just one picture can’t really tell its real form.
    But it’s safe to say it’s something looking like human in ghost form !

    • sharayah says:

      i never felt like i was looking at a human face at all. it looks evil to me and ugly like what you would see in ancient drawing of something evil.well that’s just what i think anyways. ;)

      • Sai Chan says:

        I like that you’re in the same channel of vision.
        I felt of it with the same ancient touched, as if it’s from the cave.
        I think it’s a sorcerer or witch-doctor who’d sacrifice animals, monkey and cat, as offering.
        The ghost just gave me an impression of being a native American from ancient times.
        But I don’t find it evil, or any threat at all, just eerie may be.
        (Only those humans who died of hate is the most revengeful, and that I see as evil)

  9. Belisama Fire says:

    I just went out and took a few more photos. I tried aiming at the lights on neighboring farms, in case it was those. It wasn’t. Those came through as lights. I got photos of a few smaller globes. I will post links as soon as I can get the photos posted on my storage site.

  10. Belisama Fire says:

  11. Belisama Fire says:

    • Caretaker says:

      Here is a page with some good, and accurate, information about orbs in photos. Anyone interested in the subject should read this – Information About Orbs

      • sharayah says:

        ok so i went to the site you posted up.all i have to say is that some of that dust looks like it has a face. lol :)

        • Caretaker says:

          Im not saying anything about the pictures submitted, just wanted to share some general info about orbs. Personally I believe around 99% or so are just ordinary dust, moisture, etc but I am not convinced that sort of explanation always applies. This cases where folks see orbs with their ‘naked’ eyes, I think, are more likely to be paranormal.

          • sharayah says:

            i hear you i felt the same way.i think SOME of them are real too. but it was a joke when i said the dust has a face. ;) im sorry! i didn’t think you felt that way.i know you didn’t post that. :)

    • sharayah says:

      ok i’m on my phone so i can only see but so much but the one in the top has a face the other have some kind of shape in them but i can’t really see what they are.there is most def something should be careful and my be you should start looking to god :) . thanks for the pic.

    • Sai Chan says:

      Belisama Fire,
      this picture is not that detailed.
      The big globe at the above left corner seems to be the same big globe, the leader.
      At 11 o’clock, the big globe is a monkey ghost.
      Others are too blurred in image.
      At the far right, is that your dog ?
      It’s communicating with the globe facing it.
      As long as the dog dosen’t feel threatened by it, it’s safe.

      Is that your home in Rio-Linda ?
      How come so many orbs ?
      You did some magical stuff ? At home, or near home, or being followed ?
      Just curious if it’s ground originated, or being initiated or by persons.
      Are those orbs appearing before or after the ceremony ?
      Or would it be related to your race ?

      Rio-Linda ? I’m not sure what and where it is. California ? A park or residential ?
      Since you celebrated Samhain, and it sounds sort of the ritual of wiccan’s ceremony, you might have conjured up spirits of the ancient inhabitants.
      And I don’t think you have closed or would have bothered to close the portal.
      And the portal will still be there with ghosts coming around from the limbo dimension.
      Since Nov 6, 2010 was a bad day of this year, and the key words to this day is “open” and “heart”, things of the negative energy would easily be conjured.

  12. Belisama Fire says:

    I’m a Wiccan. I’ve been practicing for almost 40 years. Yes, I know how to close the portals I open. However, these are so interesting that I wanted to share them someplace where I thought people might be interested. Rio Linda is in Northern California. Does ‘look to god’ mean I should become a Christian? Samhain is a festival of the dead. We honor our ancestors. These are photos of my home, located within a mile of the park in the original post.

    • Sai Chan says:

      Belisama Fire,
      interesting, interesting !
      I’m not familiar with the wiccans.
      But may be what you practice is white-magic.
      Of my experience, people with the dark side will freak out of avoiding any contact with me.
      Even the genuine spokeswoman of a god, she can communicate with and see the dead, and can see through a person’s past lives too, was stark surprised when she first saw me, that might be my magnetic field causing her interference, but she did connect me to her god, and this benevolent god even manifested to me 2 months after.

      Benevolent gods are bystanders most of the time, trying their best not to physically interfere with our material life on this learning ground we call earth.
      I respect the god who manifested to me, but I don’t worship, as I know He is always around and I pay respect in my heart.

      Jesus is a god I respect too, though I haven’t encountered.
      It’s hard to find a really sacred temple of His to begin with, and a real spokesman to have me introduced to.
      Many proclaimed servants of Jesus are just scamps.
      I wonder if the crying wall is His only sacred ground.

      Belisama, it’s so nice to learn that you know how to close a portal. And may the force be with you.
      And please find time to teach me some knowledge you can share. I’m humble enough to learn.

      And are you a native American ?
      Your photos of your home are not yet published, I’ll have to wait to see it. And thank you.

  13. Belisama Fire says:

    I do my best to always practice within the Light. The Wiccans law is to Harm None. I’m a Vegetarian because I don’t believe in killing animals. I am 1/32 Cherokee, half Irish/Scots/English and 31/32 German.

    I don’t freak out from darker spirits, but I want to have little to do with them, even though I am curious about them. I don’t think the globes in my photos are evil. I’ve been walking out there in the evenings since I discovered them, reflecting upon them. I believe that they are some type of spirit native to the land. I am also going to have an independent source check to see if they might be dust or whatever. Since they were all taken with digital cameras, no film was used that might have caused the effects.

  14. Sai Chan says:

    Belisama Fire,
    believe what you might, as long as it’s good and righteous.

    Three years ago, this site is a place to share experiences of ghosts, aliens and vampires and all sorts.
    I even snubbed at this site being childish displaying superstitious folklores rather than the real ghosts. Not until I was defeated in ‘real’ life living, would I dig deep without fear and had the opportunity to know the actual world.

    I really have to thank this site’s manager of have given me the chance of seeing wider. And his experiences and contribution done to this world I should say is very unique to the normal bunch.

    Of my findings, the Cherobyl’s radiation leak incidence turned certain leaves overnight to 4-5 times bigger. And sheep died grazing near the China’s rare metals excavation site, just overnight had canine teeth grown.
    UFO sightings everywhere. Only that I investigated and found out their existence, and their ability of appearance even both in material and spiritual forms in groups. I even spotted a human, that controlled by alien, but I could only reveal for people to identify that just look at those eyes they are empty like ocean you can find no focus.
    That man is possessed by evils along with this weakness the alien found suitable to control.

    These two years I’ve been trying to help people to acknowledge their evils so to defeat. But the basic realization of their own soul are even denied, my thought to help us live in a harmonious world without hate is still long way far from home.
    I can’t help but see hate fulfilling this world.

    In the meantime I just want to say people with special ability or intuition, please realize that you are a part of help to this world. Construct or Destruct we are ALL connected. In this world spirits are so many that noone can believe. And if everyone has a righteous mind without enslaving others to your needs, all souls will be at peace.

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