Strange Encounters Black Figure with Red Eyes

Posted on February 22, 2011

I used to not believe in ghosts. The thought of anything paranormal or thought of as ghosts or whatever was a silly notion. My mom used to really be into the whole witch/ghost thing. She had a few experiences and never liked to talk about them. She had a book shelf in our living room and the last 3 shelves had a bunch of books about the paranormal and things of that nature. She always told me that I was never allowed to touch them because they were old. When I would ask about them she would change the subject or just say it was nothing that needed discussing. Being 14 of course I didn’t listen and decided to take a book to the cemetery and try to talk to ghosts. My boyfriend at the time believed in them and I thought that he was silly and wanted to take the book to the cemetery to show him that nothing would happen. How wrong I was.

There was about 5 of us in our group that night and I cant remember the name of the book but we took some book that claimed to be able to help us talk to spirits. The book said that we needed a black candle and a few other objects. The book also stated that we needed to draw symbols in the dirt and have the candle in the middle. I’m a little foggy on all the details cause I was 14 at the time and I am now 22. So we did what the book said and sat there. I laughed and told them that they were silly for believing in this crap and that this just proved that there was nothing to be afraid of. It was a warm summer night and all of the sudden everyone in our group shivered. It all of the sudden became very cold. I thought that was weird and we picked up all of our things and decided to leave.

The cemetery we were at was extremely old. There was remains of some old building off to the edge of the outer part of the cemetery and for some reason as we all stood up my attention was drawn to that old building. I saw a black figure. There wasn’t any type of an outline or anything but just a black figure with some very intense red eyes. That freaked me out and no one else saw it. I asked them if they did and they all said no but wanted to leave because they were freaked out as well. There is a long windy road that leads up to the cemetery and it is on top of a big hill and instead of going down the road we decided to go down the hill because the road went by a creepy field. We were walking pretty fast down the hill because for one I was extremely creeped out and so were my friends. I felt as though someone was watching me and when I looked back I saw that black figure with red eyes floating and staring at me from the top of the hill.. This caused me to run and scream. And of course my friends followed suit because who wouldn’t be freaked out.

The cemetery is just right off a main road where there are a bunch of old houses and a place where people mine. We started running through the neighborhood and mind you there was no wind but every time we passed a wind chime it went off. Since this was like a farming area because of all the open space, a lot of homes had large yards and many of the houses has horses. We stopped running and were at the front of some house with a large side yard that wrapped around the back of the house. Off in the distance there were some horses that were grazing on some grass. We stood there for a minute trying to catch our breath and again I got the feeling that someone was watching us. I looked at where the horses were and saw that black figure with red eyes coming up on the horses. All the sudden the horses started freaking out. Going crazy for reals. We were all like… paralyzed with fear and couldn’t move.

The owner of the horses came out with a shot gun and asked what the hell we were doing to his horses. Of course I wasn’t about to tell him what I really saw. He had a gun and I was scared that he would shoot at us thinking that we were a bunch of crazy kids messing with his horses so I told him that someone had broken into our car and we had chased him and he went into his yard. The man immediately went into the yard with his gun and was looking for the man that we said we had seen. I wanted to believe that maybe he would see what I had seen and then I wouldn’t feel so crazy. We didn’t leave because I didn’t want him to think that I was lying and I also wanted to see if he would see what I had seen. He came back around the house after about 7 or 8 min and said that he had not seen anything. I asked him to keep a look out and inform the police if he ended up seeing anyone suspicious.

My friends then asked me what I had seen because they of course had seen the horses freaking out but they had not seen anything else. I told them that I had seen a black figure with red eyes. They didn’t believe me but they were visibly shaken and we then headed back to my boyfriends house which was only a few streets away. Again every time that we walked past a wind chime it would go off and there was no wind. My friends were all extremely freaked out still and wondering why wind chimes were going off when we would walk by them. I asked them if they believed me because this was not a coincidence. Seeing some black figure, feeling something evil following us and horses even being freaked out. There was no way that our minds were just playing tricks on us. The horses confirmed that. Then they all admitted that they believed me.

My best friend admitted to me that she felt like something was following us and it felt extremely evil. As she said this I could tell that the others felt the same way but couldn’t bring themselves to say it as well. We finally got back to my boyfriends house and rushed inside. I could still feel that evil presence but I felt as if it was trapped outside and could not come in. My boyfriends mother was extremely religious and had crosses and pictures of Jesus all over the house. I think that may have made it so that whatever had been following us could not enter the home. I then decided it was about time to tell my mother because everyone could now feel the evil presence and it felt as if it was getting stronger by the minute.

I called my mom and when she answered she sounded freaked out. Let me explain something really quick. For as long as I can remember me and my mom have had this, connection of sorts. Don’t believe me if you don’t want to but its true, I could empty my mind of all thoughts and think of her and she would call me. Or I could be sitting some where not even thinking of my mother and all of a sudden I would get the urge to call her. For some reason she always knew when I was in trouble or hurt and when I called her that night she answered the phone extremely worried. I told her that she was gong to be mad at me. She asked why and I told her that I had taken one of her books to the cemetery and now something evil had followed us home from there. She became very angry and demanded to know where the book was. I told her that I had it which was actually surprising because we had ran and I had not dropped it or forgot about it even though at the time I had not placed any thought into keeping the book. She then asked if I had any access to fire. I told her that my boyfriend had a fire pit outside. She told me to go outside and light a fire and to burn that book and to hurry. I asked her how burning a book was going to help and she quickly shut me up and told me to hurry and do it and she would explain later.

We all went outside (as none of us wanted to be left alone) lit a fire and proceeded to get the fire extremely hot (per my mothers instructions) and as soon as the fire became so hot and so large that it burned our faces when we were close, I placed the book in the fire. Now as soon as we walked outside and the whole time that we were lighting the fire (it took maybe 10 min to walk out to the pit, gather the wood and light the fire) we could all feel that evil presence, I didn’t see the figure but I could feel him watching our every move and as soon as I got ready to place the book in the fire I could feel extreme rage and I hesitated but then quickly threw that book in the fire. The flames surrounded the book and quickly took care of it. The more the book turned to ash the more we could feel the evil leaving… I cant really explain it but it felt as though the more the book perished the more the feeling went away and as soon as the book was complete ash the evil feeling was completely gone. I called my mom back and right when she answered she asked if I could still feel anything evil. I told her no and then told her that she has some explaining to do. What just happened? Why did something follow us home? And how did burning that book help?

She then told me that she used to mess with Ouija boards and used to perform spells and what not to talk with the dead. She also explained that as time went on she got into the dark arts and one night pissed off something so bad that it wanted to harm her. She told me that her roommate and herself had just gotten done messing around with her Ouija board and had talked to a spirit that was evil and said by the end of the night it would harm her and her roommate. They threw the board away and she decided it was time for bed. Her roommate went to her room and she proceeded to hers. She had two doors in her room. One that was connected to the living room and one that went down to the basement. She was laying in her bed when all of the sudden the lights flickered and then went off. She sensed something evil and then heard foot steps coming up from the basement slowly. It went up the stairs very slowly but the closer it got, the more the evil sensation got stronger. By that time her eyes had adjusted to the dark and she could see that the door knob was turning. She then prayed to god and said that if he got whatever was after her away from her she would never mess with the dark arts ever again. She then said amen and turned on the lamp by her bed. At that time the door was mostly open and as soon as she turned on the light the door slammed and the evil presence vanished.

True to her word she never messed with that stuff ever again. She kept the books though as a reminder of what had happened to her so if she ever got tempted she would be reminded of her oath. That’s why she had forbidden me from touching them and also never wanted to talk about the books or why I was not allowed to touch them. She then explained to me that I opened a portal to the after life and welcomed in a very evil spirit that wanted to attach itself to me and use my energy to manifest and do whatever it wanted in this world and that by burning the book we, for lack of a better description, closed off the portal and forced the being back to the depths of hell. But because we had kept the portal open for the amount of time that we did, it would be able to return and also now I was sensitive to the after life and now it wouldn’t come as a surprise if I was able to see things all the time. And I must say that after that experience I have seen many freaky, unexplainable things happen. I did a lot of research and found out that what I was dealing with was an ally. Something evil that would either have attached itself to me permanently or I would have to in a sense fight it and gain its power instead of the other way around. Sounds crazy right? I believed it to an extent but I didn’t believe this whole battle thing and that I would actually have to fight some unearthly being. Well, I was wrong again.

One night I had a very weird dream, I dreamt that I was in some old western town that had been deserted for quite sometime. The black figure that I had seen years ago appeared. Same figure, not really a body but a black some what formed mist. With those red intense eyes. It came up on me and started throwing me around like a rag doll. Throwing me into glass and basically kicking my butt. At that point I came to a realization of sorts and decided this must be that battle my mother told me about and all of the sudden I felt strength.

I was extremely weak at this point in my dream from being tossed about and I told that thing that it could not have me and that there was no way that both of us would be able to exist at the same time. I looked around for something that would be able to help me in some way and I couldn’t think or find anything that would be able to help me fight this thing that was floating around and not even alive. I don’t know where this idea came from or what prompted me to do this but I grabbed a near by glass shard from one of the windows that I had previously been thrown into and slashed open my left arm. I walked up to the thing and grabbed the bottom of its… robe I guess you could say, and proceeded to tell it that the only way it would be allowed to exist would be inside of me and that if I allowed this it would not be able to control me or harm me in anyway and then pulled it into my arm. After the thing was shoved into my arm I grabbed my shoe and took a shoe lace off of it and stitched up my gaping wound. The moment the last stitch was done I woke up to a severe pain in my left arm. I looked down and just about fainted. There was a long cut on my arm that appeared semi healed but had dry blood surrounding it. I also discovered a bunch of bruises and scrapes all over my body. I took pictures and still have them if anyone wants to not believe me.

My friend at work is into Egyptian magic and things of that nature and I don’t know why I decided to ask her but I asked her take on the dream. She said that it was very fortunate that I did what I did to my left arm. Because if I had done it in my right I would have been in trouble because the right arm is for control and if I would have done it to my right the thing would have been able to take over me. I know this all sounds crazy, I still have a hard time with it and with believing everything but I swear on everything what I say is true.

I have always wanted to share my story but am afraid to because when I do people just think that I am crazy and making things up. But ever since that dream, I have been able to conjure spirits and talk with them.

My grand mother came to me in a dream once and told me that I needed to tell my grandfather that Jesse was ok and to let everything go because the person that harmed him had now passed on. I didn’t know what it meant and even though it happened in a dream I felt compelled to do it. So the next day I called up my grand father and told him about my dream and what grandma had said. He started to cry. I asked who Jesse was and he told me that it was his brother that had been kidnapped and murdered. No one ever spoke about it because it was an unsolved murder and they never found his killer. I cant explain any of this and it really freaks me out when I have these dreams.

I also once had a dream that my great uncle became very ill and passed on. About three weeks later My great uncle fell down the stairs and broke his hip. He was too old to fight and became sick and died.

These dreams freak me out and I never have good dreams. They always include death or tragedy. I don’t know what to do about it and honestly I would like if I didn’t see these things before they happened. I just want it to go back to how it was before. I was ok with the whole ghost thing but the stress of these dreams is more than I can take. Any ideas? Or ways to at least help cope with this? Because I have a feeling that it isn’t going to stop any time soon…

Sent in by Liz, Copyright 2011

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8 Responses to “Strange Encounters Black Figure with Red Eyes”
  1. Jaybee says:

    I think your mom, since she wanted to keep the books, should have put all those books in a box, sealed it up tight and put them away in the attic, off-site storage unit or what have you – with strict instructions to a) never open the box unless one checked with her first and/or b) that the box was to be burned immediately upon her death. Leaving them on the shelf in the house was plain foolish. It was almost a given that a curious child would want to read those books – especially since your mother had specificially forbid you to do so.

    Frankly, I think your mom had learned her lesson years before and really didn’t need the books to remind her of that. She should have burned them years prior.

  2. Sean says:

    The best way to deal with this is the way your mother did: through prayer.

    See, if there are evil dark beings like the ones that are bothering you, then the good beings exist as well. The closer to Good that you get, and the more “good power” that you get, the less power and influence the dark forces will have over you, including your dreams.

    I would find a group of people that are very good and have very strong prayers, and get them to pray with you and help cleanse your life of these things. You want to get that thing back out of your arm and totally out of your life.

    If you fill your life with good thoughts, good prayers, and divinity in whatever form you want to connect with, how is the dark stuff going to be able to get in?

    It’s like living in a bad neighborhood and letting all kinds of shady characters hang around and make you scared and miserable — if you pack up and move to a good neighborhood and get good strong people as bodyguards, all the shady characters will be too scared to come around.

    The wisdom of your mom helped you burn the book and get rid of the evil thing temporarily, but if you find a strong group of good people, they will help you get rid of these beings permanently and replace them with good entities like guardian angels and such.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I feel the same way, your mother needs to get rid of all the books. She doesn’t need the books to remind her of not doing this kind of thing. The books will bring other people troubles——GET RID OF THEM NOW.

  4. Sean says:

    Well there is a number of ways to cope but I find the best way is either through prayer or meditation. Prayer hasnt worked for me in this sense. I find prayer works when facing severe lif or death circumstances. In this sense I think meditation would be a better route to go. It helps me with what I see of the paranormal. Now I’m not as powerful or as sensiitve as u r. One other thing I might suggest is that when ever u have a dream like those is try to find the person it involves and tell them the dream. Esentialy thats what dreams r. The dead know u r sensitive like this and r asking for help. In letting the ppl they TRUELY care about know whatever they want them to know.

  5. Bella says:

    i belive you but i want to see the pics plz

  6. shank says:

    dark arts is a thing no human should mess around with! Do not underestimate the evil cuz it can be very powerful! Pray to god everyday and sprinkle holy water all around ur house! Get rid of the books! Burn then all and hope for the best! Nobody can guarantee anything cuz by reading ur story i realized this is something very powerful!

  7. bee says:

    like you, i also saw a dark figure with intense red eyes. i was also paralyzed with fear and could not move. All i could do was cry. Tears rolled down my face like a river of water. I could not scream, run, move – nothing. This thing had me paralyzed. This was fear on a major scale. Never, have i ever, experienced fear like this before. I was sleeping in a prison dorm with several women, in jamaica. One of the ladies there had chopped the heads off of four little boys; the night she came was the night i saw this black figure, and noone else saw. This happened in 1992, but i remember it as if it was yesterday. That was my first and last time ever seeing whatever that was. I can’t imagine what your going through because it only happened to me once. My heart goes out to you. All i can say is that there is something way more powerful than that evil being, and that’s God. You have to draw goodness in your space. You have to surround yourself with positive people. Girl you got to pray. Pray like there is no tomorrow. Pray like your life depends on it – because it does! Girl you got to have a pray fest and pray that thing back to HELL!!! I wish you well.

  8. Similar Case says:

    Hi Liz

    I came across this story and was struck by the description. I may have had an encounter with something very similar before when I was a child (although neither I, nor my family have never dabbled in the dark arts, nor ever intend to). Did your mother tell you anything more about this thing? Fortunately, I haven’t had issues since then (debatable according to a friend of mine)and do believe prayer is vital.

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