Strange Creature an Entity in the Woods

Posted on February 5, 2011

This isn’t so much a story as a question. The question being, what is it? I have searched the internet trying to figure out what this was and why it happened but I cannot find anything. I’ve had one experience with a shadow figure but it was nothing compared to this. So now I will tell you what happened to my family and maybe somebody can help me with it.

In December of 2006 my family and I moved into a new house. Well, new for us, it was an older house. I am the head of the household. I have a wife and 3 small children. At the time we thought we were really lucky to find such an awesome deal. This was a 2800 sq foot house in the woods with no neighbors for $1000.00 a month. I was a successful car salesman at the time and my wife is a nurse. We thought the house was great but after moving in I noticed something very odd. There had been a padlock on the door of the basement that had been removed but you could still see the screw holes in the door and on the frame where it had been. The strange thing is, afterward I felt like something was waiting for me to notice that because after I did, that’s when things started to happen.

The house was a bi-level house with half of the house being a two story house and the other half being one story. The part of the house that was bi-level had the bedrooms on the second floor. The other half had the living room, dining room and kitchen. One night after putting our kids to be upstairs my wife and I were watching TV in the living room. About an hour or so after the kids were asleep my 4-year-old son came running down the stairs terrified and screaming. After I got him calmed down he asked me told me there was something in his room that kept grabbing him and was trying to pull him off of his bed by his ankles. When he said it, it made the hair on my neck stand up. I calmed him down and got him to go back to sleep by laying with him in his room. A few hours after that my wife and I were in bed and were awoken by blood curdling screams coming from our 2-year-old daughters room. When we went in her room she was sitting straight up on her bed screaming at the top of her lungs with her eyes closed. There was nothing we could do to get her to stop. We both tried holding her and coddling her but it didn’t work. We tried to wake her up and that wouldn’t work. Finally after about 10 minutes she just laid down and was silent again.

After this nothing notable happened until spring. Now I am a smoker and there was a decent deck on the back of the house that I took to smoking on. One warm spring night I was standing on the deck smoking a cigarette when I heard something coming through the woods. It wasn’t uncommon to hear deer and other smaller animals scurrying about in the forest but there was something much different to this. It sounded like it was coming directly at me. As it grew louder I knew it was coming directly at me and it also sounded like it was walking on two legs. I’ve lived in the woods for most of my life and I can tell when something is walking on two legs or four. From the deck the edge of the woods was about 25 to 30 ft away. Whatever this was walked all the way to the edge of the woods and stopped. As I squinted to try to see if I could see anything it being to pace back and forth and I was sure it was watching me. I called out “I own a gun” but it didn’t even stop for a second. It had a slow methodical walk as it paced back and forth. This was in stark contrast to when it was walking toward me. Which was a more purposeful walk. I quickly when inside and turned the lights out and looked through the window to see if I could see anything but I couldn’t.

By the next morning I had convinced myself that it was a deer and I had just given myself the willies because I was alone out there. But then it happened that night and the night after. It only happened after everyone else was in the bed and I was outside smoking by myself. Then it got worse.

After a few nights it didn’t scare me anymore because it would walk to the edge of the forest and then stalk back and forth. I got to where I would finish my cigarette and then give it the finger and go back in the house. One night I was outside smoking and it came as always and started stalking as always and I just stood there and stared in its direction the whole time. I consider myself a decent size guy and I am not scared easily so I decided to stand my ground. It must have sensed this because it stopped and made the strangest sound at me. I know what a deer grunt and snort sounds like and it wasn’t either of those. It wasn’t a large cat dog sound or any other animal I can think of either. It was like a low guttural evil growl. That doesn’t even do it justice. It was something I had never heard before that’s for sure. And it definitely scare me so bad that before I knew it I was back on the other side of the door looking back out. After that I would smoke in the garage or with my hand sticking out the door.

After a couple of weeks of this I had convinced myself once again that I had just given myself the willies and there was really nothing to be afraid of so one night I went outside to smoke. Not long after I went outside I heard it come from two different directions. One came at me from my left and one came at me from directly in front of me. The rest of what happened to me happened really fast but I’m going to try to explain the best I can. Once the two entities walked to the edge of the woods I saw a blur of white go from my right to my left in front of me. Then from the corner of my eye there was something standing there that at first I believed was a deer but when I turned to look at it there was nothing there. Then from the woods I heard a horrible, terrifying scream and then I ran into the house. I didn’t go out to smoke ever again after that.

A few nights later I was awoken to the sound of our bedroom door rattling. We would sleep with our bedroom door open and the hallway light on in case one of our kids got up to go to the bathroom. As I was waking up my first thought was one of the kids was up playing with the door because as I was opening my eyes I could see someone in the doorway that was about 3 feet tall. I opened my eyes wide to tell them to go back to bed and there was nobody there.

After that I decided to move my family out of that house. We were actually sued by the landlord because we broke our lease early. If anyone can help with what happened there I would greatly appreciate it because it’s bugged me ever since. Thank you.

Sent in by Dennis, Copyright 2011

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15 Responses to “Strange Creature an Entity in the Woods”
  1. Jaybee says:

    Wowser, can’t help you with any clues as to what you might have seen, etc., but I have to say that your story was well written and kept me reading. Kudos, as well, to you, for getting the heck out of there. So many stories on here tell of going through so much because they didn’t move, spending years and years of putting up with their issues. I think I would have made the landlord come and spend a couple of nights with you and then sue him for not telling you what the place was.

  2. Lewis says:

    It sounds abit like the description of The Jersey Devil or one his kind, the drawings people have done of the creature reminds me of a deer or is deer like and it does walk on two legs like you described.

  3. sharayah says:

    man as far as i can tell you had demons on your land.happy for you you all got out before things got really out of hand

  4. Sue says:

    something similar has happened to me before but i was at the beach and there is a forest next to the beach. I would walk my dog there every night and hear a growl coming from in the forest. I stopped walking her when i saw two red eyes coming from inside the forest every night i just pray to God that nothing happens like that to us again. Its amazing what great hopes God brings.

  5. Joa says:

    I think the creature in the woods might have been a panther. Depends on where you live.
    I grew up in the mountains where we had a lot of wildlife. Like deer, bobcat, panther, bear. etc. Panthers will follow and stalk you. And the thing in the house had nothing to do with what was in the woods.

  6. trolldoll says:

    sorry about the suit. when it comes to a wooded area and alot of land, you just never know what the heck it was. you should have invited the landlord over and listened for it. you did not feel safe and that was reason enough to get out!!

  7. Yaniv says:

    hectic! that for sure sounds like the work of demons! have you tried speaking to your child again to re collect anything from the night he was attacked.?

    glad you got outta there! have you been back since? anyone living there now..?

    tell Landlord to go stay there.!

  8. Mar says:

    Such an awesome story, my eyes were glued to this screen. Please post more details of the house if there are any! =)

  9. Stephie says:

    Wow Interesting! Not sure what to think it was, but it sounds awful to Me. Thank Heavens you moved your Family 4rm there. Thankyou for Sharing with us. God bless You!

  10. Jules says:

    I’m new to this website, & I’ve definitely read some stories on here already that are obvious over-dramatizations or outright hogwash. I am a paranormal researcher with a strong scientific education.
    I must say that your account rings true… I agree with the other responders that 1) First & foremost, you were absolutely right to get your family away, & quickly, before things escalated, & 2) It would be interesting to see if the landlord would stay there. Did you give the reason why you wanted to break your lease? If so, how did the landlord react? With your sense that the “visitations” had something to do with the padlock on the basement, I wonder if the property had a “history”?
    Normally I would attribute the outside stalking to possible bipedal, Sasquatch like
    creature(s). After you first stated that there were attacks on your children (I’m sorry about that, that is truly horrifying when it affects your children), I’m more inclined to think that there was non-corporal entity(s) at work, or, as some call them, “demons”. The terrorist style of the behaviours indicates as such.
    I hope that you have not had any further issues, and hopefully, you did stop smoking after! :) If you wish to discuss this any further with myself or my research group, please respond as such & we can arrange.

  11. Ashley.Lancaster says:

    did this happen in or anywhere near batstow because if so the jersey devil is a real possibility, other names for it are jabberwock and chupacabra

  12. Delilahgal says:

    Sounds like what you experienced was a non human entity, most probably demonic or possibly a spirit linked to the land. This could include the land the house was build upon. It might be worthwhile researching to see whether the area historically homed native Amercians, as I have read numerous stories where non human entities have warned, protected land which was known to have been Native American or their burial ground.

    I dont blame you for moving quickly, regardless of the leglities of having to breach your tenancy, your instincts are there for a reason and too many people fail to listen to them!

  13. cory says:

    well the creaters u saw in the woods the way u described them to me they sound like nephilms which is a spawn of a demon i have seen on simler to what u saw and it scared me preaty bad. the thing in your house that was about 3 feet tall there is only 2 demons i know of that are that tall one is a grimland and yes they do exist the other which i highly thinks its not is a nome but its a good thing u got out of there bc a nephilam will kill u

  14. luis says:

    i think u what saw and heard could maybe be a chupacabra or a alien ……who knows theres things in this world we dont know

  15. Tailormaneinafog says:

    I want to thank Dennis for sharing his excellent account and refer him to the ‘Two-Legged Dogman Database’. There’s identical stories there which confirm his detailed account imo. The 3ft entity is certainly one of a number of youngster which do the scare-and-hide routine inside the house. Best wishes

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