Strange Case of Reincarnation in Egypt

Posted on November 24, 2009

About 20 years ago I had seen a very interesting serious program about reincarnation on T.V : There was an Egyptian woman who lives now in Egypt said� that she suddenly can speak unknown language, her family was very worried about her, she could not know how she can do this?!since her education was medium ,she only feels sometimes with a deep desire to talk with the same and when she begins to talk she can not control herself and changes into another woman.when she stop it, she can not remember anything.

After a long story someone by accident told her that her speech like the ancient language of Egyptian.Her family took her to an expert who told them that she actually speaks with the same. program show: there were a hypnotized and a specialist of Egyptology who is fluent in the Egyptian ancient language ( Hieroglyphic language). The announcer asked the hypnotized to hypnotize the woman, at the same time she asked the woman if she has any problems to do this, she said : No problem.

The hypnotist asked the woman to clear her mind, direct her attention and just to look� to his eyes for some moments. after that she closed her eyes, he asked her if she completely slept, she said yes, after that he asked her if she can speak in ancient language? She also said : yes. Then told her that there is someone here will ask her and she must answer him, she said yes.

The specialist began to speak to the woman by the ancient Egyptian language, of course we did not understand anything ( a few people only in Egypt nowadays can speak this language), he told us that he asked her about her name? She replied his question with the same language.The announcer asked the Egyptology specialist if she is seriously speaks the same? He was surprised and told the audiences that she told him her name and it was indeed an old name belongs to the Pharaohs, at this point� of� the program we all attached to our seats were attracted very much, the woman told him that she lived in Egypt from about three thousand years ago, she could answered all the questions as her name, age, town, the king`s name of Egypt� at this period. She also told about her death date, as she was young and how she had died. She said that she backed to life through this woman and can remember his previous life.The specialist was very shocked and surprised he told the audiences that her historical informations are right and her language also was very perfect.

After he finished the hypnotist asked the woman again to wake up, she opened her eyes, she seemed as another one. When the announcer asked her if she can remember anything, she could not. Every one was wondering about this strange experience. I had seen this program with my own eye, no one told me.

I certify that This Program was real and never present any comedic show, it was very serious. Program name: Camera (9) Announcer name: Amany Nashid ( female) Location:Egypt Channel two ( the official T.V) Time: about 20 years ago Note: the announcer has died but I am sure that the program should be saved at the library of Egyptian T.V. My regards.

Sent in by Hossam Hamdy, Copyright 2009

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19 Responses to “Strange Case of Reincarnation in Egypt”
  1. LMC says:

    WOW interesting! I would like to see this program. thanks for sharing your experience.
    Have a blessed life!

  2. ivy janella (Philippines) says:

    wow..that was a great story! i am really interested in reincarnation stories! and i do believe in that story.. thanks! love it!

  3. trolldoll1681 says:

    i totally believe this. and egypt is such an old civilization with so much history. thanks so much hossam. i believe in reincarnation. i too believe i have lived before but don’t know how long ago. i always enjoy hearing your posts!!!

  4. Camila says:

    Once again your stories amaze me. Wow!! Hypnosis has always been a skeptical issue for most, but oh god! Does it seem so real! I actually got to see my cousin get hypnotized when I was a little girl, by a man named Taurus Do Brasil, in front of an entire audience! That’s why I believe in hypnosis, and also in past lives. This story is very interesting, thanks for sharing it with us!!!

  5. Manik says:

    Hi Hossam! You had requested Ktm to read yo story i think she is busy As a friend of Ktm and a person interested in reincarnation i would like to tell something, there was lot of incarnation stuffs in India too and Its indeed nice of you to share a t.v show which you thought interesting with us anyway i wouldn’t get a chance to see it again even if it existed in the library and thank you for sharing!!! With SANDS OF LOVE PRINCE OF [email protected][email protected]!

  6. LancerG says:

    ever heard of multipli personality disorder? this might be one of those cases. its due to trauma that a person becomes someone else, to keep away from that trauma, in any way, its a good story… thanks for sharing!!

  7. DarStarr says:

    Hi everyone,
    I live in Ohio and last year there was a news story about a little boy, I believe he was five that insisted that he was a fighter pilot in World War 2. He kept giving them his name and would explain the operations of the planes back then and all kinds of strange things. I guess they researched the name the boy kept giving and it did turn out that this man existed and was a pilot that was shot down and killed during WW2. It was very interesting, and I guess this boy has been drawn to planes and stuff forever.

  8. Hossam hamdy says:

    Hi LMC & ivy janella (Philippines) :
    thanks for your kind words, I love you all.

    Hi trolldoll1681:
    I aiways like to read your nice comments , you are very sweet , I think that a nice person like you should live several times.

    Hi Camila:
    I am very lucky to talk to you again, I wrote two comments for you , you can find it backing to your story ( Toddler haunting) & the other in my old story ( A woman in white robe).
    Yes Hun,hypnosis is real, I saw a special experience with my own eye, one of my friend was hypnotized , he was sitting with closed eyes, very quiet, the hypnotised asked me to write any thing in a white paper , I wrote a strange name in arabic & give it to him, he only looked at the paper without any sound, then asked my friend you hear me, he said ; yes:then said : Now What is written her in the paper / after seconds my friend said ;
    A name, he asked again ; Tell me what is the name? my friend said the full name as I wrote exactly. I was very surprised My friend could not remember any thing after he was awaken. sorry for length.
    I would like to hear your news, Regards.

  9. Hossam hamdy says:

    Hey LancerG:
    Thanks for your comment, the woman in my story as she said was very normal & did not suffer from any trauma in her life, she suddenly felt that there is a nother presence inside herself, she even never know what language did she said,actually the subject was very strange, but I liked your opinion, it seems to be more scientific.Thank you

  10. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    like usual,, another great story!!! i do enjoy watching shows about this sort of thing, it does make you think.. that was very interesting!!!! i wonder if it was split personality or actually reencarnation??? i hope to read others stories on this type thing happening to them!!! take care hun,,,, ktm

  11. Dylan says:

    Wow that was a great story… and what was the Pharaoh’s name?

  12. Hossam hamdy says:

    Hi Dylan;
    thanks for your nice comment.It was like King BIBI, I am not sure now ,cause the program since about 20 years ago. Regards.

  13. Camila says:

    Whoa I just remembered when I was little I was reading a magazine I can’t recall the name, but there was a woman narrating her story, and she was explaining she was driving her car with her 4 year old son in the backseat and suddenly the boy tells his mom “look mom, this is what it looked like the day I died” as he pointed out the window. That still gives me chills!!!

  14. LMC says:

    wow that’s a trip Camila! cool story!

  15. ChronicMidori says:

    @ Hossam hamdy Awesome story! How very interesting, I am a firm believer in reincarnation. I find it crazy that she can remember when she died and how! Makes you ponder how and where a persons memory is stored. It oddly reminds me of dealing with computers….

    @ Camila That is a trip! I don’t know how I would react to that…

  16. Hossam hamdy says:

    Hey Camila
    Very interesting story, you always amazes me. How are you now,Pls.tell me your news.

    Hi ChronicMidori;
    Thanks for your kind words.I actually find the life is abig mystery, we still know a few informations about the Man`s brain & its secrets.

  17. Bert says:

    Sorry hossam,

    I think this can not be true. I am an egyptologist and have studied hieroglyphs in university.


  18. Anonymous says:

    prima facie this appears to be a case of possession rather than reincarnation.

  19. BekkieLassy says:

    If it was reincarnation she would remember everything that happened and knew that she could speek that language always. She would have had them as memories and not like this.She would have talked the language when she wanted to and could have told all those things without being ipnotized
    This sounds like possesion to me. The spirit of that lady took over the boddy of this (new) one. Thats why the (new) lady had to be hipnotized for them to get (connected) to the (old) lady.
    I don’t believe in reincarnation coz I believe in life after death in heaven or (when your not so lucky) hell.
    But I stil do have a open mind to all of this.

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