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Strange Birthday Party

Posted on April 6, 2010

This happened to me and my friends when we were 12 about 12 years ago. It was in May and my friend had a birthday party slumber party. There were about five of us there. We had a fun day eating pizza and birthday cake and we went downstairs and looked for my friends mother’s Ouija board. It was the afternoon and we had found it right away. Her mother had no problem with us playing with it as she had fun with it when she was younger.

My friend and I had been into paranormal stuff since we were kids. I think I was more into ghosts and such just because my dad would tell us scary ghost stories that had happened to his family just so we would go to bed on school nights. Let me tell you once he offered to tell us one of his stories we had no problem going to bed when we were told to! Anyway sorry, back to the story… We started to play with the Ouija board outside once we had found it and like I said it wasn’t night it was the afternoon so we thought nothing would happen. We asked it questions like does this person like me or does that boy like her? Fun questions girls would ask and it would go to yes or no like it was supposed to. Then we asked if the lady in the red dress was present. The lady in the red dress was a spirit me and my friend had made up she didn’t exist. It pointed to yes so we asked what her name was and all it did was go to random letters. We didn’t know exactly what it spelled, we tried to decipher all the letters but nothing ever came of it. We got bored and stopped playing with it and put it in the tent trailer which we would be sleeping in that night.

As night came we watched a movie in the house and then went out to the tent trailer to sleep. We started talking about the Ouija board and how one of my friends had actually moved it and it was her doing all the answering. We thought it was funny and everyone laid down ready to go to bed. It was quiet for a few minutes and all of a sudden the tent trailer started shaking back and forth. We were not scared at first just startled and started screaming at the dogs because she had two big husky’s that probably wanted in with us. It kept shaking and we didn’t hear any dogs so we started screaming for her sisters to stop. It wouldn’t stop, the tent trailer kept on shaking back and forth. We started to get scared and all ran to the left side of the tent trailer and the bottom door popped open (probably because there was too much weight on one side) and the tent trailer was still shaking back and forth. We all decided to run for the house.

I was the first out the door and I kept running. I was too scared to look back but one of my friends called me back to help them, they had tripped and fell. When I looked back the tent trailer was still rocking back and forth, there was no one on either side and no one in it! I also saw one of her dogs underneath the tent trailer with its paws over its ears! I didn’t help my friend, I kept on running to the house! We all finally got in and her parents were very upset for us waking them up. We told them what had happened and they said it was probably just the wind. No word of a lie that evening there was not wind! I didn’t even cover up with a blanket because it was so warm!

We all settled down and went to sleep in the living room two girls fell asleep right away my friend was reading an Archie comic and my other friend watched the television for a while. Before I fell asleep I must have dozed off because I woke up and asked my friend for her Archie comic. A little boy dressed in a sweater vest and an old fashioned cap and brown pants came up to me and gave me the comic book. He was dressed like he was from the 1920′s. he looked about three or four he was cute as a button. He passed me the comic book and stayed in front of me on the couch and watched the TV. When I woke up the next morning the comic book was on the coffee table beside my head. I asked my friend if she had passed it to me but she said she had started falling asleep reading it and put it down beside her on the floor. I didn’t tell her what I had seen.

I haven’t seen some of my friends in years and we use to talk about it years and years after but after graduation I haven’t seen from them. I wonder if they still remember that night. I know I do.

Sent in by Ash, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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11 Responses to “Strange Birthday Party”
  1. stedny kay says:

    wow thats crazy. i think your one friend could have been lying to you about moving the peice so you guys werent scared. i think you might have invited something. possibly good. but most ouija “spirits” arent good. has anything weird happened to you since?

    • ash says:

      hey stedny kay! no nothing else has happened to me since. about three years ago my sister and i moved into a little white house (we still live there). my sister has seen ghosts. a little girl but she is all black. she has also felt someone come into her bedroom and stand by her bed. it scares her but she doesn’t feel it wants to hurt her. i have not seen anything else personally and i am very thankful for that!

      • stedny kay says:

        wow tell her sorry at least she fells like its not gonna be hurtfull but remind her you never know so be careful

  2. big barney says:

    i was not impressed. it seems like a bunch of scared girls at night out in a tent….probably the wind. and as for the little boy you talk of……you were probably dreaming!

  3. anna says:

    to much weight on one side of the trailer i dont think so.5 ppl in it.it cant weigh that much.im sorry. of corse your friends tripped and fell thats what happens doesnt it.and why on earth wpouldnt u help them.come on there ur friends. and i do have to agree with BIG BARNEY bunch of girls scared screaming and trying to get everyone else scared.im sorry if im rude but that what it sounds.if u have any other stories let us know.

    • ash says:

      hey anna! i don’t think you are being rude at all! i understand everyone has thier own opinions! and the let you know only one of my friends tripped and fell. i didn’t help them up because i was scared. when i am scared i really don’t think about anyone else to be honest. the only thing i was thinking when i looked back and saw the ten trailor shaking was to get to the house as fast as i could. and as for the tent trailor it was very possible for there to be too much weight on one side. if you have seen a tent trailor it is not like a camper or a fifth wheel! it is half tent and half camper. thanks for you for reading my story!

      • anna says:

        thanks for thinking im not being rude.i try not too.i know we have our own opioin so thanks.

  4. anna says:

    thanks i’ll remember that.i’ll let my sister know too.

  5. Tai says:

    Hi Guys,

    Ouija boards not very smart…..I had friends whose daughters were caught playing with a board and strange things began to happen around the house. The youngest daughter use to see a strange man in their doorways and the house dog would never come into the house when called.

    They have since had the house blessed but on the odd occassion unexplained things happen.


  6. Anonymous says:

    playing with that board never leads to anything goood!!!!!!!when will ppl listen ,but oh well is their choice if they never wanna go 2 sleep tranquil.

  7. ilovejonasbrothers says:

    So creepy! Except for the little boy part. How nice of him to hand it to you! Lol.

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